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WWB II – I hope You Brought a Lunch

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All of the memes about moving goalposts and lines in the sand are fun, but in reality, the goalposts haven't moved at all. We're just not close to them yet. We can't even see them from here. Vily set the goalposts himself when he dubbed this a war of "extermination". Imperium dead and gone, like ASCN, LV, Atlas, and other names of the past.

So if you're looking on Dotlan for war progress on the map of Delve, you're looking in the wrong spot. At best that tells you about the progress of one battle in a larger conflict. Where you need to be looking is on Goonswarm's overview page, and those of their Imperium allies. Progress will be made when they start to bleed members, and member corps.

The kind of victory that Vily set as an end goal can't be achieved militarily in EvE, because as we saw in WWB I, Goons can simply refuse to fight and live to fight another day. At least until they can't.

The kind of victory that Vily has in mind here is a political and cultural victory. Humiliating Imperium militarily might move us in the direction of that kind of victory, but it won't do it alone. It's something that can only be achieved when Imperium's members, member corps, and member alliances start wanting to distance themselves from the Imperium brand.

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What would make them want to distance themselves? When it starts to stink. Stink like failure. Stink like defeat. Stink like being something you don't want rubbing off on you. When the Brisc and Mittens show stops seeming like cool bros doing cool things and more cringy, desperate, and pathetic people may start thinking twice.

The other thing is just asshole fatigue. This is the second time most of the player base has aligned against the Imperium in recent memory. Eventually the line member might start wondering why. Why are we the assholes? Why does our supposedly brilliant leadership keep getting us into this position where we get our asses handed to us and I have to firesale or move all my stuff?

The goalposts have been set, and they are a long way from here. Hope you brought a lunch.

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