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Your Imperium Perspective of the Meta Show for 5-15-21

Hello New Eden, your D+ pilot, C+ Imperium & Redditswarm poster here earning my daily 10m to provide an Imperium Perspective to Marcus Murphy's TL:DR of the 5/15/21 Meta Show.

First, I saw that my good friend and comrade slash opponent in this reddit war of words, the Immalleable Marcus Murphy opted out of a proper TL;DR today. I'm sad. Cheer up pal, you still have time to join the Imperium. Karma Fleet and STK-S are recruiting! There is a light at the end of this tunnel!

That said, onto the business at hand! Your Marcus Murphy Metashow Minute!

Some Program Notes beforehand:

Smug Meter was in the red about 80% of the hour

Evil Villain Laughter from Vince McMittani: 2

Use of Bad Words: 47 counted, I may have missed a few.

  • Very interesting music to start off the show. No wonder Marcus's TL:DR POV came through as demoralized and haven given up.
  • Johnny F'in Candles first in chat. Well done, Johnny.
  • Fountain Frank made an appearance, sang a hilarious song but was Hellen Kellered for the first 15 seconds of it.
  • The Mittani, Prince of Period Basis, Duke of Delve, Master of Mixing had to tell Frank 3 times he was muted before we got to hear what was aptly called “Karaoke with Fountain Frank" by 4 year INN subscriber Xandryll.
  • Hilarious Vince McMittani Cosplay occurs. I spit my Big Wave out and had to pause to clean my singular monitor (not one of the 13 lost in 3-D).
  • PAPI seems to have brought the biggest offensive so far in the war over the iHub in 3-D.
  • Local was up to 2k people with 10% Time Dilation.
  • Brisc reviewed the battle report but had to scroll more than Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios. Total of 1125 PAPI ships deleted by a Hail Mary Bombing Run of a combined INIT. Pando, and GSF Alice Homoloes.
  • PAPI had secret objectives that were somehow accomplished via this loss.
  • PAPI is blaming the servers and will never give The Imperium credit for anything, despite TIDI being 10% and over 2000 people in local leading to the best decisions ever to be repeated that day by PAPI FC’s.
  • It was clear that PAPI had requested the node be reinforced, as they would not have attempted this fight otherwise. They cannot claim bugs, or servers for this, and should reflect and learn from their own repeated M2stakes.
  • Brisc gave a review of INIT's deployment. PAPI keeps pulling resources from Delve to fight INIT, clearly demoralizing the average line member who must turn their valuable hours of game play into Bus Simulator.
  • PAPI hates it when the tables are turned and should stop using a Lazy Susan to pick fleet strategies.
  • Nullification changes are severe and should be read up on and tested by all pilots.
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See you all next week with more from Vince McMittani, and Triple B!


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