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Your Marcus Murphy Meta Show for 5-1-21,

Hello everyone,

Since Marcus has rebuffed my efforts to get him to team up with me to do a TL;DR commentary review where his bias and my bias can be leveraged into a watchable and hilarious stream, I'm committing to make a counter to his counter to the meta show. Because at this point in New Eden History, why not.

So here goes your, Marcus Murphy Meta Show TL;DR, TL:DR for Race Horse Celebration day

  • Imperium Financial Wizards have done the math based on the MER and a variety of other economic models and found that it does not add up, indicating CCP most likely is making development decisions with incorrect data. This affects game balance negatively for all of us, not just Imperium.
    • Kazanir, Nodrakish, & Angry Mustache should be commended for their Data Sciencery. Send them ISK.
    • Brisc apparently was overloaded with charts. Did not yawn once however.
      • In Summary: a lot of information here shows that the math may be wrong and influence the game in a bad way.

  • Brisc sipped a Mint Julep the entire time while making no less than 3 references to beating a dead horse.
    • Jesus dude, did you have to make that joke? Even Stevie Wonder can see that's not good.
  • Brisc's soap box this week was more like an anvil out of Wiley Coyote's stash, dropped on the heads of those from the Papi Persuasion who dislike being called names, while calling everyone around them names and making terrible Reddit posts, just like this one, reacting to another terrible Reddit post.
    • He more or less used his Mint Julep Chalice to beat this message into us all.
      • Summary: Brisc much like a virgin bloody mary, was full of pepper today.
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  • Eat My Ass Counter: 25 times. (You're welcome Brisc)
    • The Mittani, Prince of Period Basis, Duke of Delve had his microphone angled perfectly to impart each one counted with the perfect level of Papi Kapow with each one
      • In Summary: The Dynamic Duo exhibited their normal character which is not outside of the norm in comparison to anyone else's streams despite Marcus's attempt to paint them poorly.
      • People seem to be jealous of these two being able to plan a hilarious amount of social commentary around a Jim Crameresque expose of bad math to the point where even Michael Burry made an Gallente Alpha, and is sending out an EVE Mails telling us all the MER seems wrong.

This TL;DR, TL;DR brought to by RampageINC's own Merkelchen Hilarious 70's hat collection.


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