EVE Online

Your Meta Show for 4-24-21

Mittens is rocking a black snuggy.

CCP is fucking up the economy.

Imperium's finance guys have "solved the economy".

… And they think think Titans are going to cost 350 billion isk.

Mittens is worried and concerned about the economy

CCP isn't giving us any stuff.

Merkelchen is pretty frustrated that Gobbins isn't going to YOLO into 1DQ. Literally ruined his day.

Horde only has 560 people in their townhall.

Horde are bitches.

Brisc is frustrated with the pace of the war too.

PAPI are blobbing blobbers.

Gobbins has no clue.

PAPI are little dick bitches.

Mittani doesn't take pubbie bitches seriously.

We won't lose 1DQ, but if we lose 1DQ we'll just take asset safety out.

Brisc is frustrated with the pace of the war.

Look at these participation graphs.

Nothing but 1DQ matters.

Merkelchen is frustrated with the pace of the war.

Mittens is too.

Jammers are for cowards

Insulting people is funny to Brisc

Imperium wins all the big fights.

Come into 1DQ please. Please? Losers if you don't.

'member those anchoring keeps we killed?

PAPI are little dick bitch cowards.

You should use Titans or you're cowards, but when we don't it's cool.

Brisc is awesome because he lost some ships.

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We're willing to risk our supers and you're not. See asset safety above.

Little dick bitch cowardice shit. Fuck the pubbies.

Merkelchen is really, really frustrated with the pace of the war. Please set him free. Please?


One more hour of your life saved. If I miss a week like I did last week just read the one from the week before. It's more or less the same schtick every week. This public service announcement has been brought to you by Ketamine. Frustrated with the pace of this war? Tired of ship spinning and just want to end it all? Ask your local dealer if Ketamine is right for you. The war will be over literally before you know it.


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