10 Unorthodox Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

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These aren't things like "did you know you can bulk to sell junk" and whatnot, but tricks that involve actual game mechanic exploitation that result in various interesting new combat techniques and tactics which are based on existing systems that are simply unexplored by many players since…well…you kind of have to go out of your way to find out a lot of these things, some to the point of borderline insane curiosity (but, luckily for everyone, i'm not very sane). Things such as:

1) VATS with melee bypasses enemy blocking, able to completely negate the most annoying aspect of melee vs melee combat with cheating AIs spamming their 1000iq blocks.

2) VATS with melee can be used to teleport past barriers, waist-high obstacles, and even slightly increase jump height to attack enemies in elevated positions. As long as the enemy is near enough for the VATS "lunge" distance, you will teleport past any obstacles in between you and that unlucky bastard because the universe apparently wants them to die by melee that badly. And no, Stalker's legendary effect does not affect this VATS lunge distance and that effect indeed does literally nothing on melee weapons as expected.

3) You can cancel your own reload for a slow-reloading weapon by bashing. This can be used to switch to a secondary weapon quickly without being stuck getting hit during a long reload animation during a pinch. This also can be used to negate the "reload while still having ammo in the clip" glitch by canceling the bugged reload when it happens and keeping your half-full magazine.

4) The Blocker legendary prefix (not to be confused with the perk) does not reduce damage from blocked attacked by a further 15%, but rather reduces ALL incoming damage taken during a block animation by 15%, including ranged attacks. This means that if you spam block, you will constantly activate a damage reduction state that costs no AP, making it the in-between option of percentage damage negation effects of Sentinel and Cavalier, as you can move while blocking but not sprint. Also a fun fact, this technically means that with a full set of Blocker armor, you are canonically blocking bullets with a melee weapon like some sort of jedi or anime character. I would argue that this is better than Cavalier since it retains the mobile defense without requiring AP, but inferior to Sentinel because you have to manually activate the damage reduction state rather than just standing still.

5) The Phantom Device obtained from the Mistress of Mystery questline works against massive mob ads from major boss fights such as Scorchbeast Queen and Wendigo Colossus. In addition, using Super Duper allows for one to technically craft stealth boys at an inconsistent rate since Phantom Devices are stealth boys with a bonus effect slapped on and are affected by Super Duper, plus they are affected by the Secret Agent perk. Them being somewhat craftable Stealth Boys might be more useful then the frenzy effect in most cases, but both these effects are handy to have if you want the invisibility of the Stealth Suit but also want to wear a set of legendary armor.

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6) Sweetwater's Special Blend can potentially give you +12 perception via combining Herbivore and Party Boy/Girl, with that being able to be pushed to +15 with Strange In Numbers on a team. If you want to make a Junkies + VATS build with little to no Perception investment, this is the perfect Perception steroid possible which also stacks with Mentat variants for a possible +20 Perception when mixed with Berry Mentats (more Perception than an entire Unyielding armor set). This is also the only alcohol in the game boosted by Herbivore, and is easy to craft if you get lucky enough for Sweetwater to give up his recipe, so it really is special as the name suggests. Who knew that getting drunk makes your aim better, not worse?

7) You can create designated "bombardment zones" with CAMPs made close to areas with events that have massive enemy hordes via building multiple Artillery cannons. With enough built, you can pretty much raze the entirety of Line In The Sand, Scorched Earth, Campfire Tales, Encryptid, Swarm Of Suiters, or a nearby location filled with enemies with a single artillery smoke grenade, which causes all of your artillery cannons in range to shoot at the area. While camp defense kills unfortunately don't give you exp, they can be looted by you so you can use this as a hilarious acid farm method for Campfire Tales, or an anti-Gutsy tool to annihilate all of Imposter Sheepsquatch's armor piercing friends. This is pretty much the only way to create a combat-assisting CAMP outside of the building radius, and mostly as a way to allow you to solo events that would swarm you too hard with mob ads without help. It is still limited due to only being usable somewhat nearby your CAMP, but blueprinting a bunch of foundations snapped together with artillery on top can potentially result in a semi-mobile weapons platform that costs caps to move.

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8) Melee weapons have a 2-hit combo chain that greatly speeds up a follow-up attack, albeit in a very specific order. To put it more simply, 2-handed weapons with a light attack + power attack causes the follow-up power attack's windup to be greatly reduced. 1-handed weapons are the reverse, where a power attack can be extremely quickly followed up by a light attack. This lets you output much more damage than just spamming light attack by fluidly mixing in power attacks at nearly the same swing speed as light attack spamming. Haven't tested with fist weapons yet.

9) Follow Through and Taking One For The Team aren't buffs given to players, but rather debuffs applied onto enemies. What this means is that a team tank with Taking One For The Team and one random sneak build with Follow Through can apply up to +80% extra damage if both are at max rank, by EVERYONE in the vicinity hitting the debuffed target. This makes these two legendary perks the ultimate Scorchbeast Queen and Wendigo Colossus killers if used in tandem since this heavily negates a lot of their flat damage resistances. As such, it's a good idea to assign team roles like an RPG raid group if you want to almost halve your ammo usage vs the nuke bosses or be the one with at least one of these legendary perks to greatly increase the damage output of everyone.

10) Any item that increases your max hp adds it as a flat bonus…on top of your current hp, not total hp. What this means is that Bloodied builds can use Pumpkin Pie and/or Tato Salad (not Delbert's, but the one from Meat Week) to essentially double or almost triple their low hp. Buuuut…this comes with a bit of a caveat as well. Because when those effects expire and you are damaged below the amount of bonus hp they provide, the hp loss will kill you. So basically, make sure that you always have at least 1 more hp than the hp-extension effect numbers to not die randomly to pie/tato withdrawal. Yeah, that's right, you can in fact mostly negate the one balancing factor of Bloodied builds to officially result in no weaknesses whatsoever. Have fun with this one and go full Bloodied Gordon Ramsey.

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