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Vault 24—1984 and The Shining-inspired Experiment: What Happens When You Deprive People of Privacy? There will be a “Big Brother” character on screen, screaming to the residents that those who have something to hide are secret communists. There are also “telescreens” placed all over the vault, even inside the dorms, which are turned on 24/7. Those who try to question Big Brother’s logic and demand privacy are sent to Room 247, never to be seen again. Believing it’s a torture/death room, the residents are scared of Big Brother and try their best to seem as American as possible. Some resorted to putting up numerous US propaganda posters in their room, some will lie that they served in the military…but most will try to implicate others as being communists. In reality, Big Brother is just a fictional character, and a group of observers working for Vault-Tec are the ones watching the residents. Twist is, individuals who are sent to Room 247 actually get turned to an observer. They can now watch their former neighbors on the other side of the telescreens continue to fear for their lives.

Vault 7 Experiment: The Lengths Humans Will Go To To Keep Up Appearances Before entering the vault, every resident was told that there will be hidden cameras watching their every move 24/7, on the pretense that it is in place to detect secret communists. Unbeknownst to them, there are no cameras.

Vault 112 Experiment: Similar to Vault 11 A vault with secret built-in gas chambers inside each of the dorms. Every three years, a citizen is chosen to die by one person. The first ever assigned killer will receive a letter telling him to make the choice, and failure to do so will get him killed instead. He can never tell anyone about the letter or everyone dies. The victims’ cause of death is always presumed natural, as the gas is only released while everyone in the vault is asleep in their dorm rooms. After three years, another assigned killer will be sent the same message, only this time, to kill the previous killer. And the chain of murders continued for several years. Two years before the intended opening of the vault, the Overseer receives the letter, asking to kill the whole populace or sacrifice himself.

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Vault 4 Experiment: Can Silence Drive People Crazy? Three years after their entry, the residents were told that the Chinese won the war and have completely occupied the US. Vault-Tec then informs them that they are the only ones left alive, and the survival of the American people rests on their shoulders. They were told that the Chinese have applied machines where they actively try tracking where the vaults are, use devices to hear anything underground, and other crazy things. Residents started moving slower and stopped talking altogether so the Chinese wouldn’t hear them.

Vault 33 Experiment: Will One Of The Two Vaults Try To Make Contact? Essentially there are two vaults, mirroring each other. Vault A can see Vault B and Vault B can see Vault A. The twist is, both groups were told they were to observe the other group. So group A isn’t aware that Vault B can see them, too. Eventually, someone from Vault A finds out the truth.

Vault 66—Black Mirror: White Bear-inspired When the citizens entered the vault, they were given an amnesiac latent criminal to “abuse.” This happens every week and at the end of the day, the clueless criminal will be told of their atrocities, forcing them to relive their crimes. The twist is, there’s no latent criminal. Citizens get their memory wiped clean by Vault-Tec observers posing as vault dwellers. Every week, the “criminal” is replaced by another citizen.

Vault 61—The Lottery and The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas-inspired The ensured happiness, entertainment, supplies, and other needs rest on one citizen. This unfortunate soul will be kept locked for years until death in a small, filthy cage. He/she will be starved, never allowed to bathe, and will lose the ability to talk by having their tongue cut. Citizens are encouraged to throw things or insult the victim. After death, another is chosen through a lottery. Eventually, a vault dweller thinking he/she could stop it, kills the victim out of mercy and becomes the new victim, continuing the cycle.

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Vault 54—Bluebeard-inspired A group of normal, average people enter a seemingly normal, average vault. Except for one locked room. Its key can only be accessed by the Overseer. Before entering the vault, everyone was briefed that it can never be opened under any circumstances. A few years later, a virus rapidly wipes out half the population and the rest of the residents have already been exposed. Having lost his wife and son to the virus, the last Overseer decides to open the room just for curiosity, seeing as how he might die soon. He finds a bottle of liquid, a chem of some kind. Thinking it was a cure, he injects every last drop and passes out. The other sick residents then become aware of the opened room and flock near it. Future player finds out that he consumed a strong hallucinogenic drug that made him see the other vault residents as monsters who he thought were “invisible to the naked eye,” without the chem. Were they the ones responsible for the virus? The Overseer then started shooting at them mercilessly, killing every last one of the monsters. He woke up three days later to find the horrible truth.

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