A COMPREHENSIVE list of ALL info we have on the cut Fallout 4 Underwater Vault quest: “20 Leagues Under the Sea” (Updated Version!!)

A cut quest involving an Underwater Vault in Fallout 4 was going to be in the game, but for whatever reason, had been cut. I made the original list post regarding this quest. I missed A LOT of info, so this is my updated version!

Link to my original post on this subject: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/pn84v6/all_the_info_we_know_about_the_cut_underwater/

There would have been a Institute Terminal hinting at this quest saying the following:

MS03 Temp Hydroponics Message

Access: Local. Login: ABinet. (Alan Binet is the head of Institute Robotics, in other words, Synth creation)
Notes: Routine diagnostic on Courser designate X6-88, all functions nominal.

Access: Local. Login: ABinet.
Notes: More programming work on new AI software update.

Access: Local. Login: ABinet.
Notes: Prototype testing of neural net upgrades."

Interestingly, there is another Institute Terminal in the final game that really feels tied to the first one, it says:

SZI Phase 2 Development

"Synth Zoological Inititiave Phase 2 Development Journal

Initial thoughts…

What to create? We've engineered creatures that inhabit the sky and the land… the next logical step is a creature of the sea.

The greatest challenge remains data collection. Accurate measurements, behavioral data, life cycle, habitat, etc.

Might Nahant have something useful? Note to self: request that we allocate a scavenger team to that area.

So which aquatic creature makes a good candidate. Start with size. Nothing too large, nothing too small.

Most promising candiates: genus delphinus, genus Carcharhinus.

On-site habitat will be a logistical challenge. Expansion of Bioscience likely necessary, including large water tank. Many logistical challenges to implement, Facilities division likely to oppose this.

Have to pitch this as the first step in a broader plan: What else can go in the aquatic habitat? Can we grow food there? What other experiments could we do? Could we develop underwater synth models to carry out seabed salvage operations? Probably far-fetched – need to work on this more.

Will table this journal for the time being, focus on other priorities until I can come up with more reasons that we'll benefit from the aquatic habitat. Can still gather data in the meantime."

The reason why this is definitely tied to this quest, is because Nahant is noted to be a "major location" of this Underwater Vault quest in the game files!

(I will go back to the Institute's connection to this quest in a bit…)

Interestingly, Nahant in the base game is a location tied to a group of pre-war civilians very concerned with Sea-Life preservation! There isnt anything too interesting in the Town, but there are terminals showing how much the people of Nahant cared for Sea Life, and although there is nothing to confirm this, I can bet that the people of Nahant were brought to the underwater Vault 120 upon the day of the Bombs dropping!

The Quest icon for this quest, and its animation is in the game files. It shows a scared Vault Boy looking out a Port-Hole Underwater, with a Mutant Dolphin looking at them angrily. The fact that the Vault Boy looks scared in the icon suggests to me that this quest was supposed to be horror-themed, maybe?

The player would have gotten to this vault through the Chinese Sub the "Yangtze" and might have potentially been a direct, or indirect sequel to the introductory quest of the Yangtze!

The player would have use the Yangtze to travel underwater, while loading and firing torpedoes, fixing leaks, and using radars to fight off "UUV"'s (Underwater Unmanned Vehicles?)

The Yangtze would have crashed into Vault 120, the official name of the Underwater Vault. Presumably, the player would be stranded underwater inside the Yangtze, and they would be forced into Vault 120 to find components to repair the Yangtze, and resurface.

In the game files exist textures for a strange, Squid-like creature, along with "Squid Armor" textures that presumably would have fit over it! This Squid creature is 100% NOT a natural creature! Its skin textures shows little white pipes inside its visible brain! Who created this creature? Well, I guess the Institute could be a good candidate with the info we know from their Terminals, however, the texture of the "Squid Armor" looks old, and rusted, yet the Terminals hint that the Institute is just starting to make Synth sea-life, so maybe these Armored Squids were actually a Vault-Tek creation?

Evidence for this is in the game files, as their is a game object described as a "Underwater Vault Squid Window" maybe this means that the player was meant to see the Armored Squid through this window? There is also a skeleton for an airlock model, and a few door controls.

Unfortunately, there is little-to-no info on what actually was going to be inside this Vault! 🙁 The game files related to this stuff suddenly intersects into the Institute Bioscience files, which is described as "Institute Hydroponics" interestingly.

The original Harpoon Gun was also tied to this quest.

I apologize if you disliked the speculation and correlations I made in some subjects, but I am really interested in this quest, and I truly believe some locations and stuff that where originally gonna be tied to this quest is still in the game.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!


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