A few of the interesting things I’ve seen from Shelters on the PTS

Content of the article: "A few of the interesting things I’ve seen from Shelters on the PTS"

If you're a camp builder then you've likely also been salivating over the coming Shelters update. I've been watching for the PTS like a hawk so I could check out any of the new/cool new features. Here's a few of the things I've noticed so far:

  • The budget is separate and much (50%) larger than the outside camp budget
  • The floor of the vault acts like a giant grid of foundation, so walls will snap to key points on the floor as if they were foundation tiles. This foundation area doesn't extend all the way to any wall however, so you have about a half a wall of space between the walls you build and the interior wall of the vault. (No half walls/floors sorry guys.). Technically the outer edge also doesn't have any "foundation" so you won't be able to do double walls on the outer perimeter but hopefully double sided wallpaper is coming in the future.
  • You can toggle snapping for objects like floors and walls which will allow you to free place them anywhere (even in the air)
  • You can free place most objects pretty much anywhere (including in mid air) like on shelves as long as they aren't intersecting (so some larger objects may end up snapping to the wrong shelf if you try to put them somewhere)
  • Floor tiles will now snap to the halfway points of full size floor tiles (instead of needing to use the half sizes)
  • Floor tiles will also snap to the second/third level floor of the vault floors without needing stairs (so even though they are pre-built they also function as their own grid of flooring) but the stairs still seem required for your own walls if you want a second level that's not connected to the vault flooring.
  • You cannot make or use blueprints inside the vault (might be a PTS thing)
  • You cannot place a vendor inside a vault
  • There are no new powered objects or connectors (at least currently)
  • You can lock the door of your vault entrance.
  • You can put a vault entrance inside another vault instance
  • If you move your camp the vault stays the same and doesn't need to be re-built
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Will update the list as I learn more but there's a few good features here, especially the ability to float objects and disable snapping.

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