A few questions from a noob

Is it more worthwhile to heavily invest in Int early on and build an xp grinder?

What early level items will sell frequently, that are still useful for late game players?

Is it worth building your own weapons and armor through the levels (like going from 10 to 20 to 30) or is it better to simply farm?

Is the storyline worth doing? Or should I just focus on unlocking BPs?

A bit of background:

I've played 76 off and on since it came out, I've put maybe 14 hours into a dozen different characters. Usually, I delete previous characters after coming back a few months later. So I never have gotten beyond the lower 30s.

I'll admit 76 has come a long way from where it first started. The initial iteration was unbearable, which prompted a 6 month hiatus from me. Alongside other difficulties along the way, particularly with Fort Defiance (I believe?) That frustrated me to a point of giving the game a break.

I find that once I hit lv 20, I quickly become outclassed by standard enemies on a rather frequent basis, so my xp farming is limited to taking over the various workshops and that gets fairly pricey over days of doing it. Especially with fast travel.

So I'm trying to balance things out, just to be clear, I intend to earn things for myself. I don't take help or gifts. It's just not fulfilling.

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Since the beginning pretty much, I had always envisioned being a player that has something to offer any player, for a price. Foregoing legendary items, especially before lv50.

I know some basics of fast leveling, brain bombs, cranberry relish, berry mentats, other things of that nature.

I know that flatwoods is looted frequently, but it does offer ample supplies even in most cases.

And I know that keeping my shops stocked with a variety of things helps attract customers. I usually do my best to be fair in pricing. Drugs are usually sold at 5c a piece unless they're diluted, in which case it's 1c. I bulk junk and sell it for what I believe to be fair, steel/wood/glass/leather etc all sold 1c per unit. Lead/copper/screws/gears and other harder to find items are sold for a 1c to 1 piece ratio (30 = 30c). Food is all 1c, regardless. Weapons and armor are sold for 1c per rare ingredient (springs, gears, screws, nuclear material etc) I don't charge for wood/steel/glass etc.

BPs get sold on a usefulness criteria. Building BPs/recipes are sold for 5c, armor BPs are sold for 10c and weapon BPs are sold for 15c. Armor and weapon BPs that unlock a specific item (like a hunting rifle BP of metal chest plate BP etc) are sold for 50c.

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I try to be fair, I suppose is what I'm getting at. Because it's satisfying to see someone buying 10 to 15 things when they find my camp and I provide for that.

Are these reasonable? If not, what can I do to improve? And if I full XP build, would that be better? And out of sheer curiosity, do crafting levels continue beyond lv50? Like a level 200 or 300 weapon or armor piece?

My apologies for all the questions, I know it's a lot to read and thank you if you made it this far.


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