A huge thing that Bethesda could have added to the game to make it that much better and more enjoyable, even if it doesn’t actually affect gameplay whatsoever.

Bethesda needs to add a trade window where both parties can add items to it and need to both accept to allow a trade to go through, because scamming is just too easy.

NOTE Please don’t offer me free items, the point of this post is mainly to rant and vent my frustrations. Obviously I appreciate the though of wanting to give me items but I’ll just deny them, this post isn’t meant for getting free items. I know that this might get a bunch of downvotes which I assume just lowers my karma? I’m still new to reddit but I just felt like I needed to just type out my frustrations and post it somewhere and hopefully other people won’t fall into the same traps. I don’t really care about votes or downvotes, I have no idea what they are anyways, but if you do wish to continue reading, prepare for awful grammar and punctuation because I literally sat for an hour just clipping and reporting, spent like another hour telling some of my friends about what had happened, and then spent a couple hours cooking lmao to get my mind off this, and then I was back to typing up this rant.

Beginning of the rant.

I know this might seem like I’m looking for pity, but honestly I pity myself the most right now for being so stupid and I have enough pity already. I met this person on the discord server Fallout76 Trading Hub, I highly advise you to not trust anyone on there as the staff and management are also god awful. They probably used an alternate discord account or the staff just never bothered banning them, doesn’t really matter since you can make infinite alts. But they’ve been trading in there for a good amount of time and I see that they’ve traded with people and I also ended up trading with them once. Our first trade was right after they had traded away their BE fixer for a BE handmade (and probably some other items). How do I know this? Well they got the handmade off someone I was trying to trade with but they were being a little too greedy, the two also proceeded to thank each other on the discord server and then parted ways. Afterwards I got offered that BE handmade in exchange for my BE lmg, so I was like alright that sounds awesome! You have what I’ve been wanting and I have what you’ve been wanting. We proceeded to trade and trying my best to be friendly so that perhaps their could be more trades in the future, I offered to go first. Once they took my lmg, they gave me their handmade and also dropped me 77 stable violet flux for free. So now I’m like that’s cool, I just met another super nice high level (300+) who was quite generous and nice. About like 2-3 weeks later they ask me if they could trade for the handmade back, so I’m like sure but you gave this to me in the first place why would you want it back? They said that they needed a handmade on their other characters and offered me a BE25lvc ultracite laser rifle in exchange, we eventually negotiated and they said they’d be willing to part ways with a BE15fr regular laser rifle since I’m “super nice and friendly”. So then we go trade and I ask if they could offer their items first this time since the last time I went first. I thought that we had enough trust after our first trade and also they were super high level, I automatically made the assumption that high levels with a ton of stuff wouldn’t scam because then it’d ruin their reputation and hinder their ability it maybe go for one of the more end game items like a legacy gatling plasma. This was extremely stupid of me to ever trust a random that I’ve only traded once with, even if they did give free items, it was only to trick you to trust them. I know that I should know better, but fallout isn’t really the pvp type of game and I thought that maybe everyone would be friendly and help each other out since it’s pve focused. I didn’t bother looking for a courier on here because I had thought we established good trust, but also because yesterday I had tried requesting for one but never got a single response in over 24 hrs. My request was likely flooded over by other requests and it was probably my fault for not constantly requesting even though it tells me to not constantly request. But yeah, we proceed to trade and then they don’t reply to my comment about offering first this time since I offered first last time. I was a big dummy and decided to offer first, because a BE15fr laser rifle was definitely worth more than my BE+Agility Handmade so I thought it was understandable. Things went from there, they took my weapon, blocked me, left the world, and left me there as the biggest idiot ever. I don’t know what I’m expecting from this post honestly, I guess I’m mainly just angry, mad af, and want somewhere that I can vent. But I do apologize for anyone who did have interest in my handmade since I included it on the trade lists on my first ever reddit posts which was literally a two days ago. I no longer have this handmade and it’s now in the possession of an awful person who does nothing but play this broken game and probably scammed many other idiots like me. Obviously I saved the DM’s on discord before they could delete any messages and I’ve also saved a clip of the whole thing. It was my own fault for not checking the scammer list though, because I think that they were on a couple of them (some people told me). Again, I apologize to anyone who had interest in the handmade, now I’ll have to remove it from my trade list and it’ll now be added on my wants list. Another lesson I’ve learned and I think that everyone should follow, never trust anyone unless you know them in real life because then you could just find them and beat em up (yes I’m not joking, just look at kids who fight all the time at schools and then look at what adults do, you can literally die). Even players who you think are great friends, have given you a bunch of free stuff, and has helped you out before, this is pretty much an investment into you so that maybe one day you’d get a super valuable item and they’ll scam you for it. I should know better as I have been scammed before in other games and there’s always is many red flags. I was just stupid to think that such a small community on ps4 would mean that everyone is friendly and wants to help each other out, as well as help newcomers enjoy the game so that they can tell their friends about Fallout 76. This is probably a complete waste of time for me and anyone reading this, I’ve also typed more about games than I have for my essay topics in university. But I just wanted to let everyone know that you shouldn’t ever trust anyone, and also always use a courier, even if it takes days, weeks, months, don’t ever trade your item first. I hope some people got a laugh out of this after reading my rant, even though people would probably say “you deserved it” because I was stupid enough to get scammed, but I also hope you understand the lesson I learned and also will prevent yourself from ever getting scammed. That’s all I have to say, and nice job if you managed to read the entire thing because I’m literally just typing this on my phone and not even bothering to reread or check anything, I’ve probably got a huge amount of mistakes that I’m sure some smarty pants will point out, high fives to those people who are serious about grammar and punctuation. Plus I forgot to mention, only use trusted and verified couriers, couriers can also scam both parties and you don’t want that happening either. Back to the title though, pretty much every game with player trading has a trade window where both players can add items into the window, then both players need to press some sort of accept button and then it’ll complete the trade, I think Bethesda is a bunch of buffoons for not implementing this. Not to mention duping and selling high end items for real life $$$ doesn’t help with their image. These dupe secrets could very well be from an employee and they could be secretly making thousands of dollars per month by just selling these items they’ve duped. I met someone in game who was a duper, I mean it’s impossible to have like 4-5x of every high end item, atleast it’s impossible in my opinion. The duper literally told me they had over 10 ps4’s with like a ton of different accounts. It was pretty entertaining honestly because they were pretty much flexing and talking about how back in the day they gave away a bunch of these duped items and that if I ever saw one, it likely was duped by them. So yes, I don’t doubt Bethesda employees are trying to profit from this. But key takeaway I guess, don’t trust anyone, even if they are a friend that has helped you out, always look for a verified courier who has enough on their resume to back em up, and if you are trading, never offer your items first. Don’t be an idiot like me!

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Ps. I have a clip and everything and also know their in game name. These type of people just sicken me and honestly I’m really mad and upset mainly about how I fell for their trick and scam. I am also on PS4.

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