A interesting discovery I had about the Factions of Fallout 4 and most Factions of the Wasteland

Content of the article: "A interesting discovery I had about the Factions of Fallout 4 and most Factions of the Wasteland"

So, I was scrolling around Reddit as you do, when I saw this post on Gaming Circle Jerk: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gamingcirclejerk/comments/is3xx5/this_was_featured_unirconically_to_ifunny/

A Funny joke about how Liberty Prime, while beloved by the fandom as one of the most famous scenes in any of the Fallout games, has a fandom of people who tend to for reasons I never understood take what he says literally. Which is odd, since he has always been an abject parody of people who love saying this like, "ANYONE LEFT OF REGAIN IS A DIRTY COMII!", and lovingly points out the fact by stating how the only people Liberty Prime ever killed where: The Enclave and the Institute, both having claims to be inheritors of the mantle of the USA. It has, never unless proven otherwise, killed ANYONE he was designed to go against be it communist aligned or Chinese.

Beyond that, later down in the comments down a way's I got this gem of an idea that really changed my view of what Fallout 4 is really about. Enter user, briloci:

"Its not agreeing with it but you are right that its not criticizing capitalism

In general Fallout 4 makes a question about the identity of the US identity and every faction represents a side of its identity with the Minutemen representing the original revolutionary ideals of democracy and peace, the Brotherhood of Steel representing its military and imperialism, the Railroad its liberal struggles for liberation (mostly black liberation with the influences to the civil war and John Brown) and the Institute to its technological and scientific development

So in the game you can decide which one of this elements are more important and try to help them survive"

This, in a way, finally clicked in my mind why I am one of a few people who really love the Factional lore in Fallout 4. Namely the historical propitiaty Bethesda took with the major players in Boston: Notably how the Brotherhood's Arrival is almost Parade like speaking to the glory days of American parades after wartime, how the Minutemen both take their name and their goals after the Minutemen who fought in the early days of the American Revolutionary War to "Protect the Settlement on your map", The Railroad is even named after the first part of (and designs itself as a effective continuation of) the Underground Railroad and heavily prides itself in being the Liberators of the Synths and the counterweight to the Institute, and speaking of which the Institute itself is fundamentally a continuation of America's obsession with advancing technology in the years post-WW2 and even to today.

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For that matter, all of the major Factions are DELIBERATELY flawed, sometimes to levels of comedy:

The Brotherhood of Fallout 4 is now of a full belief that in addition to its obsession with tech it is also is a fully Jingoistic organization and even (debatable if you view Synths as a 'Race' or something entirely different) racism as well as having a weirdly psudoscientific entrance exam with while not DIRECTLY against any one belief or another, seems to on the nose to be not without a single meaning:

Take that as you will…

The Minutemen too are a, shall we say, less then amazing organization especially when you bump into them first no? Your meeting with Preston Garvy has him effectively fighting against a small army of raiders himself while the rest of the Minutemen are either wounded, not trained for combat, or…Mama Murphy, which is kinda both? It could both represent the fact that while militias exist they come off today as strangely larpy in nature nowadays and rarely influence much besides helping sell weapons:

or even the fact that, while the great story of the Minutemen make good stories in the history books, practically however, well, lets just say trained troops are better troops then uncle Joe and his twenty friends, and where truly worthy of being replaced with the much more effective Revolutionary Army under Washington.

The Railroad is, well, you can call it a lot of things actually. "PC Police", "Woke Anarchists", or hell even the old joke of "White guys who think X race is inferior and thus should be 'saved'". Though really, I believe it mostly stands for a counter arguement against the idea of totally falling for left wing ideals (or just racialist ones, or hell, even far left ones). For it comes off as Urbanial as drinking and shooting guns is the wild is viewed as 'Hickish'.

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Also, there is the whole thing with P. A. M. , which, if any of the conspiracy theories is true about her…dear god she might single handily be the most important lore point in the Fallout series PERIOD, and also is just about the most terrifying AI in the fallout universe.

Finally is the Institute, an organization that works to advance science but also does it in a way that make collectively make anyone who worked on a science safety board cry. In addition to coming off less like a unitary body of scientists and more like the Homeowners Association, it also suffers from the same issues as HA. Inadvertently racist due to being xenophobic of outsiders, having treated local 'minorities' like second class citizens and not prioritizing their development (and even, again debatively depending on your view on the matter, treating like a Segregated people or even slaves) , and generally making everyone paranoid they aren't fitting into society.

So, with that said my conclusion to all this is thus; Fallout 4 is a game directly about politics in society, and how society truly handles itself and makes enemies and friends along the way. Its biggest examples are how society handles 'race relations', paranoia, religion, and even thought. But most of all, how "Nate" or his wife reacts to the world around him / her. Because, well, going back on the Gaming Circle Jerk thread above, you can disagree with what it says above or agree with what it says.

You can't however, not take a side. For Fallout 4 teaches us, that all factions have idiots and all factions have truly good people inside of them, the problem is, you have to accept the idiots as well in your choosing.

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