A list of 60+ visual issues with various assets, including outfits, skins, camp objects, etc.

Content of the article: "A list of 60+ visual issues with various assets, including outfits, skins, camp objects, etc."

A list of 60+ visual issues with various assets.

Some of these may have been fixed with the Update 22, if so then I’ll remove them from the list.

I’ve also thrown in some common sense suggestions for various items, like flashlights for already existing helmets like Combat, Marine and Ranger ones or the ability for energy melee weapons to disintegrate enemies on critical hits.


And also a huge thanks to everyone who submitted those issues to me, really appreciate it folks!


Oh, and also a message to CMs, please go and check my previous post about missing weapon mods, I’ve updated it a few times ever since it was originally posted.


The issues:


1. The Cryo Cell is not using the correct texture while it’s inside of the Cryolator.



2. When the Shredder mod is installed on a Minigun with the Accelerated Barrel it clips through the main mesh.




3. The Captain Cosmos Power Armor is missing cloth that covered several joint crevices back in Fallout 4, also, the Captain Cosmos logo on the chest as well as some detail text on the power pack is completely missing.



4. Crossbow Bolts appear the same when using Cryo, Explosive, Flame, Plasma or Poison Frames, despite their respective meshes being found in the files.



5. The Screaming Eagle skin has still some unfixed issues with it along with a few new ones that have popped up after the last patch.

  • The new rear sight that's been added is not appearing when the Standard Sights are installed, it only does so with Glow Sights.


  • The iron sights are still not centered.


  • When the Drum Magazine is installed the skin incorrectly displays Handmade Rifle's Drum Mag.


  • The bolt's UV island has been stretched along with the texture.

BEFORE https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/282283141031526400/733617356080676884/unknown.png

AFTER https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/282283141031526400/733617518584791050/unknown.png

  • The hand still clips through the handguard in first and third person.



  • The bolt on the left side of the upper is still not moving with the charging handle, though to fix this the 3D artists would need to redo both the LP and HP meshes, UVs and textures, which I guess won’t ever happen.


  • While using power armor, the old animations are used, which means the mag’s still clipping through the magwell.


  • More of a suggestion, but maybe remove that sight support bit when no scope or red dot is mounted on the picatinny rail. It'd look much better without it, imo.



6. The Marine Armor’s boots are completely missing when being worn, that may have been done to avoid clipping with some underarmors, but it still looks weird when you ain’t wearing those matching large ass boots.



7. The backpack that the Travelling Merchants are wearing is using the wrong texture set.



8. Raider Waster Underarmor is not torn as advertised on the ATX storefront render, looks like its missing its alpha mask.



9. Polished Metal Armor does not reflect the environment, may be a problem with a missing metallic map or the metallic texture?



10. Fringes on the Mountaineer Outfit ain’t being visible from behind due to the material / mesh of the fringes not being two sided.



11. Leper’Chaun Vault Boy Outfit has two problems, the tie and top of the outfit clips through the body and the sleeve has no alpha mask applied in the area where it’s ripped.



12. Treasure Hunter Outfit does not override gloves of the under armor that’s being worn.



13. Combat Rifle’s charging handle and receiver have messed up and stretched UVs / textures.



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14. Gatling Gun does not eject spent casings and the handle is not being held correctly in third person. Same goes for the Appalachian Thunder Pipe skin.



15. Some (or maybe all of ‘em) mods on the Blood Eagle paint for the Handmade Rifle like the barrels, stocks, mods and muzzle attachments are missing normal, roughness and metallic maps and also the suppressor seems to have the wrong material applied to it.



16. Some weapons are capped under levels 45/50 and don’t have any legendary drops:

  • Chainsaw, capped at level 20 and doesn’t drop as legendary.
  • Drill, capped at level 20 and doesn’t drop as legendary.
  • Ripper, capped at level 20 and doesn’t drop as legendary.


17. Lure Weed is being sold by the vendors but it doesn’t appear to grow anywhere in the Mire, despite Anglers being in the game which imitate the weed with their fake escea ones.



18. Owlets spawn at only one spot on the map, add them to the critter leveled lists so that they could spawn randomly on the map.


19. Chinese Stealth Armor’s gloves appear to be terribly deformed while being worn, probably due to bad rigging.



20. Brotherhood Fatigues use the wrong green material while in first person view.



21. The Brotherhood of Steel Banner Post is missing an actual banner that was hung on it back in Fallout 1 and 2, so it’s just The Brotherhood of Steel Post right now, without a banner.



22. You are not able to apply Laser Gun’s skin on the Ultracite Laser Gun, even though both share the same exact meshes and UVs.


23. The Combat Armor, Marine Armor and Ranger Armor helmets have flashlights installed on ‘em, so why not allow us to use those?



24. The Wood Armor Helmet is still not obtainable in any way possible, despite being featured on several storefront renders of skins for the Wood Armor.



25. The Ultracite Gatling Laser incorrectly fires standard red laser beams instead of the green ones when the Beam Focuser mod is installed.



26. The Advanced and Elite Ranger Armors are missing their respective Ranger Helmets from New Vegas. Being that only the standard Ranger Helmet is available, it looks really small when worn with those two other outfit variants.

Also, some small text details are missing on the standard Ranger Helmet, which makes it seem really rushed, but that’s minor, I guess.




27. Some leaves on Potted Succulents are missing alpha masks and some of them do not have two sided materials / meshes.


atx_pottedsucculents05.nif, atx_pottedsucculents07.nif


Also, atx_pottedsucculents03.nif and atx_pottedsucculents07.nif have these bits at the bottom of their plastic pots that don’t have any UVs and the other succulent nifs do not posses, just remove them since they’re not connected with the main meshes.



28. Some leaves on Tulip and Daffodil Planters do not have two sided materials / meshes.


atx_planter_flowers_tulip.nif, atx_planter_flowers_daffodils.nif



29. Some leaves on Large Potted Succulents are missing alpha masks and some of them do not have two sided materials / meshes.





30. Winter Fireplace Electro 2000 and Hunting Lodge Fireplace are always turned off by default after the player switches to a different server. The state it was in before switching to another server should be saved, or at the very least keep them turned on all the time.


31. Fish Lamp’s shade does not have subsurface scattering enabled, also, the material / meshes of the fins of the fish in the bowl are not two sided.



32. Jack O’ Lantern Paint’s storefront render features the Combat Shotgun, maybe allow us to paint Combat Shotguns with Combat Rifle paints and vice versa since both mostly use the same meshes, textures and materials?

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33. Shock weapons like the Gauntlet with Shock Pads, Baton with Electrified Mod or the Cattle Prod appear to only cause the shock particle effect on some enemies, not all of ‘em. For instance humans and ghouls do not appear to have this effect while mole miners do. I suspect more creatures suffer from this issue but I’d have to be tested.



34. Energy Melee Weapons like those mentioned below should disintegrate enemies when they’re killed with a critical hit, just like other ranged Energy Weapons and the War Glaive with Plasma Blade. This would greatly improve the enjoyment of melee combat. Also, weapons with fire mods should deal fire damage instead of the standard energy, just as is the case with the Shishkebab.


  • Gauntlet with Shock Pads mod > Blue ash pile
  • Baton with Electrified mod > Blue ash pile
  • Cattle Prod > Blue ash pile
  • Assaultron Sword with Electrified mod > Blue ash pile
  • Hatchet with Electro-Fusion mod > Blue ash pile
  • Revolutionary Sword with Electrified mod > Blue ash pile
  • Sheepsquatch Staff and Club with Electrified, Flaming and Poisoned mods > Blue ash pile, ember ash pile, acidic goo pile
  • Shishkebab by default > Ember ash pile
  • Baseball Bat with Heated Coil, Heated Rocket and Searing Puncturing Rocket mods > Ember ash pile
  • Mr. Handy Buzz Blade with Electrified mod > Blue ash pile
  • Sledgehammer with Searing Heavy Sharp Rocket mod > Ember ash pile
  • Super-Sledge with Heating Coil mod > Ember ash pile
  • Tenderizer with Spicy mod > Ember ash pile
  • Power Fist with Heating Coil mod > Ember ash pile
  • Chainsaw with Flamer mod > Ember ash pile
  • War Glaive with Flaming Blade, Shocking Blade > Ember ash pile, Blue ash pile


35. Floater grenades have a really small explosion effect.



36. The Hellfire PA skin’s lower back piece is not connected to the frame.



37. The Fire Barrel incorrectly emits white light as if it was artificial.



38. Plasma Gatling’s impact fx is incorrectly set to use the laser one when the Beam Focuser mod is installed.



39. The Jukebox only plays one classical track on a loop, it simply makes people go insane. I’d suggest allowing us to switch between tracks that play on the Jukeboxes from Tattoo Parlor, Nuclear Winter Lobby and other places, but if that’d take too much time to implement then maybe simply make it play the Appalachian Radio.

To add to that, when in the build menu, the Jukebox appears to be aligned backwards from the camera.



40. Two naming problems with two weapons. The “Cattleprod” should be named “Cattle Prod” since that’s how it’s been named in the previous games, the “M79 Grenade Launcher” should be simply called “Grenade Launcher” for consistency’s sake, since no other firearm found in the game is named after their real life counterpart, it’s pretty jarring, really.


41. When thrown, the fuse on the Dynamite and Dynamite Bundle is not lit and it ain’t smoking either. New Vegas had this back in 2010 and now why Fallout 76 doesn’t ten years later?



42. Underside of the rotating Nuka-Cola Lamp (Includes the Raider and Settler variants) has this stretched part of the texture applied to its UV island.



43. The Bot-Stop Terminal’s screen is incorrectly placed too low inside of its frame, which reveals the gap at the top.



44. The material / mesh of the flag featured on the Raider Conquest Loot Bag is not two sided.



45. Some outfits have the incorrect real-life US flag featured on ‘em instead of the 14 star one.

The outfits with the wrong flag:

  • Scorched Special Forces Outfit
  • Scorched Fatigues
  • Responder Police Uniform



46. The Pipe Revolver is missing two pistol grips and one stock.

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Missing mods:

*curvedpistolgrip.nif & curvedpistolgrip_1.nif *birdheadgrip.nif & birdheadgrip_1.nif *handmadepaddedstock.nif & handmadepaddedstock_1.nif



47. The Quack Mask incorrectly has a built in flashlight.



48. The fire texture / material appears to be sometimes missing from the Blue Brahmin Grill.



49. The collision is placed a little bit above the floor inside of the Communist Bunker, which results in floating camp objects. Also, the foundation is really thin and as such if you place the bunker down on any rocks or steep terrain the bottom of the foundation may be visible.




50. The Plasma Core is incorrectly using the mesh of the Fusion Core.



51. The Secret Service Jetpack mesh seems to disappear if the player switches to a different server / dies and respawns. Reequipping the SS Chest seems to fix it.



52. While the BOS (and probably other ones as well) beret is worn, the hair sometimes clips through, maybe due to either it not removing this specific hair style from the head or the head shape itself.



53. Theremin’s shading is incorrectly set to flat instead of smooth.



54. The power connector on the Vending Machine has shading incorrectly set to flat and also is using the incorrect material.



55. The horrendous camera shake when the chainsaw is being used in first person can make people go sick.


56. Veterans are still not able to craft the Mountain Scout Mask, and it’s missing an icon in the Atomic Shop menu.



57. Exavator, T-65, Ultracite and Raider power armors don’t have any colored headlamps, not really consistent with the other PAs. Oh, and some of them are missing bright headlamps as well.


58. The Shishkebab deals fire damage now, yet it doesn’t lit enemies on fire.


59. The solar panels somehow appear black in-game, while viewed in nifskope they’re properly blue.



60. The Ultracite Gatling Laser is using the wrong BGSM material of the regular Gatling Laser while being previewed.



61. The Tanker Helmet is incorrectly using the preview render of the second, non Armor Ace variant.



62. The Survivor’s Denim item name has a typo.



63. Drifter Outfit’s description in the Atomic Shop falsely states that it unlocks a player icon.



64. If the Gold Paint skin is applied on the Handmade Rifle, the suppressor appears to be using the wrong material.




If y’all will find more similar visual issues then please do let me know either in this post or via pm and I’ll update the list, just provide me a screenshot if possible.

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