a logical way to be a BOS Sentinel and the Overboss of the Nuka World Raiders at the same time

becoming Overboss and taking over the Commonwealth technically goes against the goals of the Brotherhood, not just that but the Brotherhood don't exactly have the nicest of experiences with Raider gangs in the past

my initial idea is to focus on the Operators, given their equipment, professionalism, rationality and their approach to their operations, they're more like a paramilitary organisation than a gang, i imagine they would be willing to negotiate deals or agreements with a faction like the Brotherhood, i see them as being the cold criminal types who treat their criminal escapes like a job without have any opinions on what they're doing so long as they get paid, kinda like Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad, maybe they don't like the Brotherhood but if peace is the best choice i don't see them letting their opinions on the Brotherhood get in the way

with this idea, the Operators are the only ones who establish Outposts in the Commonwealth (only turning abandoned settlements into outposts so no innocent blood is spilled) , and since they're loyal to caps and nothing else, the Operators could very well act as a force of authority in settlements for money, nearby settlements would pay the Operators an operating fee of caps alongside a portion of their harvest in exchange for the Operators' protection, you can call it extortion but i prefer to call it an economy, since the Operators aren't really doing anything wrong in this scenario, they're simply doing their job, there's no reason for the Brotherhood to be hostile toward them, there's no reason for them NOT to be on speaking terms with each other, thus allowing you to be both a Sentinel and an Overboss

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there's just one problem, the Operators and the Brotherhood are NOT on speaking terms, the Brotherhood attacks Outposts all the time, this shatters the entire illusion of role-playing as a corporate capitalist raider boss, however, if there's a mod to make them friendly with each other, there is a way to allow peace between them, it's very simple, Nuka World is the technological HEAVEN of pre war America, , the Operators could agree to a deal with the Brotherhood, the BOS will send a large unit of Scribes, Knights and Paladins to Nuka World to establish a BOS outpost in the Red Rocket outside the Park, and then they'd search, retrieve, document and preserve the technology from the various parks, in exchange, the Operators are paid 20% of the technology's value and are allowed to Operate in the Commonwealth without interference

arranging a deal with a different faction is not completely out of this world for the Brotherhood, in New Vegas it is possible to forge an alliance between the NCR and the Brotherhood, the NCR would hand over all salvaged suits of power armor and the Brotherhood would in exchange help patrol I15 and Highway 95, i am aware that the Brotherhood was beaten down and in hiding after they lost to the NCR at Helios One and the fear of total anhialation may very well have been one of the main reasons as to why the BOS even agreed to the truce in the first place, but in FO4's context, i don't see Kells or Maxson wanting to take over Nuka World by force after they just ended a long and hard fought campaign against the Institute, i also doubt that the Brotherhood would have enough man power to completely take over and occupy Nuka World without losing their grip on the Commonwealth, they would simply be stretched too thin, and the Operators would totally be down for the deal, violence is a last resort for them, they wouldn't mind getting paid to essentially do nothing

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but I'm interested to read how YOU played and how YOU make it work at the same time!


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