A New Method To Grind Legendary Without Combat

Greetings Mates,

I recently found a method to benefit all of us, to grind Legendary items, plans, flux etc

There should be some preparation to begin with,

  1. Chinese Stealth armor to safely travel stealthly
  2. Sneak 2 (at least, the more the merrier)
  3. Escape Artist (to be safe)
  4. Disable grass to see items on the ground more clearly

There are more, but these are optional,

  • Chameleon mutation (to enhance stealth)
  • Speed demon mutation (to move quickly)
  • Marsupial mutation (to see more space by jumping while stealthed)
  • (not that useful, but: ) Bird Bones mutation ( to decent more slowly to glassed caverns)
  • Mods from nexus which makes plans, meat, ammo, food to glow (for better see item groups)
  • Green Thumb perk for getting more flux

Ok here's the thing, ( i dont know when but) some updates ago, after some time destroyed enemies first turn to meat puddles , and those puddles turn to items which laying on the floor after some more time.

So fast travel to Drop Site V9 ( which is very close to fissure site prime) WHILE STEALTH (to not aggro on arrival) And start looking and looting on the ground around you, there should be around 2-3 places near drop site, and sometimes there are more near topside of Glassed Cavern and close proximity to Forward Station Delta, Also i found some more items then traveling in trenches, but also is a nightmare to navigate.

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If any case you got spotted (sometimes there are more than 3 scorchbeasts in the air, so ) just run to the glassed caverns and get inside. That resets their aggro. (but some of the closest scorched can come inside with you too) So dont get close (=bump) to enemies, you can get spotted even you are in stealth.

By this method, i get about 3-4 legendaries ( with mixed stars) , lots of flux, plans, ammo, ore without firing any weapon/ swinging any melee, my armor is intact, all i lost is some food and water and in about what 15 minutes? If overencumbered, just scrap items in Forward Station Delta-Power armor bench or little shack near Drop Site V9 (weapon bench inside, armor bench outside).

When you feel done, just server hop, rinse and repeat. ( just turn those fluxes to stable versions as soon as possible )

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

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