A Random Fallout 5 Idea

I got bored and did this incomplete list of an idea. Maybe people could bring stuff of their own to the table

Setting: North-West Wyoming , including Yellowstone National Park and Yellowstone Volcano

Features brought back from previous games

Karma rating, along with its benefits Silent Protagonist and full length dialogue choices Scenes that are done in a similar way to the one in The very start of Skyrim, where you are completely silent and events are happening

New features

Sliding while moving, like in far cry games bicycles that can be modified for dirt wheels, dual brakes different types of bells, etc (because cars and motorbikes are very, very scarce.vwnould work like power armor in Fallout 4 in which there’d be a marker on the last used bike and the bike would have to be right at the work bench to be modified

Weapon features

Fire legendary effect actually works like fire, spreading around everywhere. Molotovs are changed like this too Smoke, flashbang, throwing knives and concussion grenades are added Compound bow, with a special modified unique version that shoots explosive arrows or flaming arrows Pump shotgun Double action revolvers Good SMGs and Snipers

(Before the game starts, the character is created) Backstory:

You are part of a raider gang known as the Yorkers. You are one of the main prison guards at the prison in the Yorkers' base. The prison is packed with settlers captured during a settlement raid for food, water, caps and other resources.

The Prologue Mission:

Your fellow raider mates and you are screwing around with the prisoners. Vosk, one of the four raiders below the raider boss Cyrus, comes up to you guys to renew their info sheets to see if they can move out of prison duty

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(Goes to Name, SPECIAL and Skills selection)

A giant explosion occurs at the bases front gates. The protagonist quickly pulls out their 10mm pistol and goes with the other raider prison guards to join in on the fight happening. It turns out to be a raid from the Metalheads, another raider gang. You and the others defend the base, but get overwhelmed, with Vosk and Cyrus getting killed. The protagonist runs off to get more weapons and finds the imprisoned settlers still alive in their cells. They beg the protagonist to release them, and the protagonists decides to, letting them take the guns nearby. The protagonist and all the freed settlers fight their way out of the base, managing to kill some metalheads, but not their leader. The group go on route to Stone City where they go past Vault 53, an abandoned vault with its door already opened. The group go there just to salvage stuff, including a bunch of vault suits. The protagonist puts one on and ditches his raider armour so he won’t get shot on sight when they get there. While he's at it, he also takes a pipboy from a skeleton, wiping the dust and putting it on. This completes the prologue mission.

Other parts of the story in dot points:

The protagonist leads the freed prisoners to Stone City. The protagonist finds a bounty sheet to kill a deathclaw. Knowing that he/She needs to get some caps quickly, he/she decides to take the job.

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Mission 1: hunting a deathclaw

Mission 2: Two Sides On the way back from killing the deathclaw, the protagonist encounters a situation between the Draggermen (another raider gang) and the Yellowstone Special Forces The protagonist can choose a side from here (not permanent though), helping one side kill the other. This leads to the protagonist getting an offer to join them (Bethesda could add whatever they wanted here)

  • The main antagonist are The raiders from Dark Magma, the biggest gang in Wyoming, along with the other typical enemies in Fallout games, including other raider gangs

  • The second last mission would be a point of no return with these three paths.

  1. Siding with the Yellowstone Special Forces and eliminate the Daggermen

  2. Siding with the Daggermen and eliminate the Yellowstone Special Forces

  3. Killing both sides by yourself, then plan to usurp Dark Magma’s boss to become the boss of that raider gang

Near the end, the protagonist does the final mission at Yellowstone Volcano (cause a boss fight at a supervolcano would be amazing), facing the boss of Dark Magma, who's revealed to be a very strong super mutant who's immune to lava and magma due to being at the supervolcano before becoming infected with FEV

Your ending is based on the path you chose

Main Factions: The Yellowstone Special Forces: Like your minutes, but no all about just helping settlements out like preston sends you out to do in f4. At the end of the game, you’d get the second highest ranking If you sided with them

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The Daggermen: Typical Raider gang, except they’re actually well organised (like the Yorkers) and complete heists and settlement raids. You’d get the second highest ranking if you sided with them at the end of the game.

Dark Magma: Another raider gang that resides near Yellowstone supervolcano and have power all over Wyoming. Going for the third path makes you the head of Dark Magma at the end of the game.

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