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As of now, the endgame is very straight forward and not overly difficult. A new zone outside of Appalachia that has many different challenges would be a great addition.

This is an idea for an open world zone that is NOT meant to be completed fast, but is to be explored and figured out over time by players working together. In short, the reason to hit a high level and have great gear with the hardest bosses requiring a well put together team. Only level 50+ would be allowed into the zone with fresh 50s having a hard time. Solo players could complete the very first steps of the zone, and can explore if they have the prowess, but the higher end bosses are intended for group play and and are NOT public for everyone to attack but instead belong to the group that spawned them, or claimed them by attacking first.

After a difficult quest line to get attuned to the zone..

The zone could be lore friendly, such as a bombed out city or maybe a massive nuclear crater with tunnels winding all through it. One of the main challenges would be map exploration. Confusing and multiple paths that may have objectives associated with opening different areas, for example, maybe there are multiple doors – color coded perhaps- that have to be opened to progress deeper into the zone. When one color is open, the other is closed leading to players helping, or not helping, each other get where they need to be.

Once you have a good grasp on the area and how to explore it, the meat and potatos would be a hierarchy of rare enemies in difficult to reach locations with specific mechanics and spawn times(or conditions).

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To put it as simple as possible, the goal would be to kill 2 lesser boss enemies(8 total, on a timer to create competition) who would each drop ok gear and more importantly, spawn items for greater bosses.

Once you have both spawn items for the greater bosses(4 total with each requiring 2 specific spawn items), you can spawn them by simply finding the correct area and interacting. Each greater boss would drop better gear, and more importantly, a spawn item for the zone boss.

Finally, once you have 4 spawn items from the 4 greater bosses, you would interact with the correct area to spawn the zone boss and final goal of the zone. After a difficult fight with actual mechanics, you would be rewarded with the best gear possible that is completely unique to this boss, along side what ever other rewards seem appropriate.

Again, this is meant to be difficult and time consuming for well put together groups. You have to EARN entrance to the zone and you will have to EARN every item you get from it.

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