A suggestion to benefit camp enthusiasts!

Content of the article: "A suggestion to benefit camp enthusiasts!"

I have played fo76 on and off for its duration and most of the reason why is tweaking and improving my camp build, or lending my building talents to others. I’d spend far more time ingame if I were allowed to expand my ability to build. With that in mind I want to present an idea that I think will help players like me who just want to flex their building muscle.

Camp slots – 5 selectable camps, serving multiple purposes

Express your creativity- with the ability to create more than one camp, you can take advantage of new plans and store items without having to make a whole new character or break down all the hard work you put into your first camp.

Improved accessibility- you can be sure that you’ll never have to find another server instead of getting to play in your friends’ current activity in progress because your camp location is unavailable.

The right resources at the right time- you can choose whatever of your 5 camps is setup near a resource that is needed for your current goals.

Pursue your craft- other players can allow you build permissions so that you can manipulate items that normally would be untouchable by anyone other than the owner after they’ve been placed. Players with build permissions can place items from the atom store for a discounted cost in atoms from the owner, once verified. Atom shop items after being paid for once can be used freely until the close of the build session, and can only be removed, not manipulated, by the camp owner afterward. At that point they’d have to pay for the use of the item by another builder to replace it.

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Your camp can be selected upon connection to a world. Pick from your list, camps whose spot is already taken appear in red. Placing your camp is on a server cooldown. If you want to move to a different camp while remaining on your current world, you have to wait for a time designated by the devs, enough time to be comfortable in that players cannot exploit the ability to move to serve selfish ends. The cooldown can only be circumvented by an impending nuke strike in your area, and only once per world session. This cannot be reset by quitting and rejoining someone on the same server.

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