Add this bug to the thousands already existing

Honestly, i know that most of my posts lately are criticizing Bethesda. But i'm 100% behind it, as all this criticism is very well justified.

With so many bugs in game and so little done within 3 years this game feels more like a meme than actually a game.

So many issues, and like it's not enough, there's always new ones adding to them, or bugs returning, or things that get patched, like the backpack bug, just to see it coming back with another new outfit.

This is like ridiculous, hilarious and i would laugh, if it wouldn't be so bad.

Alone today i had timer freeze on daily ops on one character, just to have a final add stuck in a wall, unable to kill, with another.

And like it wasn't pathetic enough already, i just stumbled into a new bug.

I did encryptid, when i became one of the conduits. So far, so good. I lose health, use stimpaks, sheepsquatch imposter done. So far, so good. If there wouldn't be this ridiculous bug on where i still keep getting damage, the game still treating me like a conduit, continously damage me.

Tons of stimpaks later, miles away from the event, running, no chance to fast travel, the only option to leave the game and restart.

Like W T F!

Okay. In again. I have decided to run a silo nuke monongah to do Earle.

So far, so good.

We beat Earle, getting spawned outside. And as i always nuke in a way you easily move out of the nuke zone, there's nothing to worry. So i get spawned outside, move to the safe zone a few feet away, where i have put my tent before, and what happens, still getting radiation damage.

So same thing again. Move further and further, while keep using radaway, nothing. Fast travel? Nope, not possible while being hurt. Anywhere to go being safe? Anything i can do? Nada.

And you guess right, yes, log out again and restart.

This is sooo bad!

Honestly. This game is not new anymore. And it's 3 years out already!!

And to me, am i getting mad? Yes. As i see nearly no improvements. Sure, some minor tweaks here and there, but am i truly the only person that ever loved previous fallout titles, but is just sick of the snail speed fixing Bethesda does here?

This game, i swear, is not even beta after 3 years!

As even beta is close to a finished product and just needs some minor fixes here and there, a final fine tuning, while in Fallout 404 here, you can be happy playing just a few hours without a dozen WTF moments.

I can't understand anyone praising them, forgiving them, as what they do with this game is just insulting.

It's not some F2P game, no. Myself, i pay/paid 180€ for the yearly sub, full price on the game. See them selling 5 BoS cosmetics for 30€, ugly swimsuits for 8, and yet the game is in a pathetic state.

How can i be the only one demanding better of them?

I love this game and like majority i wish for it to become better.

But i can't see this ever happen, when they release tiny fixes and we celebrate them like they are giving us major dlc's for free.

Name me one game by a AAA company that released a multiplayer game that hasn't 10x the content vanilla. One game that doesn't fix its issues in appropriate time. One game that is still beta after 3 years.

I can take BL 3, FFXIV, Destiny 1+2, etc that have more content in a single major dlc this game has/had in 3 years!

And for 180€ i get all season passes, plus game, plus cosmetics! And on top bug fixes that are done within a week.

What i experience on here is easily the most pathetic display by a dev i ever came across.

And as it's hurting a brand i ever loved i just can't stay silent and accept it. But use my voice to demand better.


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