After close to 500 hours, this game still has its moments

I just had what probably was my most memorable moment in the game.

So I usually check the map when somebody's buying to see what level that player is. I was preparing to call it a day when this level 16 player bought some plan from me. Okay, business as usual, I'll just finish this Whitesprings run I thought.

What felt like 10 minutes later that player was still hanging around my camp. It piqued my interest as to what he was doing there for so long so I fast traveled back to camp. When I arrived he was just kind of walking around inspecting the camp.

I do the usual shtick on people that take an interest in my camp where I emote "follow me" and lead them to the little Mothman church and hold a short sermon. We take some pictures, I gift them some Stimpaks and that's where we usually part ways.

But this player wouldn't budge. He stayed around for at least half an hour during which we played some instruments, sat around and just sort of RP'ed. I don't usually do this but that player gave me such joy that I gave him tons of plans, a new outfit, serums, a lvl20 fixer and lvl25 lever action rifle fully kitted with ammo to boot. Unfortunately, I don't remember the username but thanks for stopping by, it was a joy!

Photoalbum: https://imgur.com/a/Tuea4S6

PS: I realized I accidentally put an automatic prime receiver on the fixer so hopefully he'll realize that he can use the same receivers as on a combat rifle lol

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