After watching TKs Mantis’ video on how he would make Fallout 4, i thought of how i would make it by taking inspiration from him and the Fallout 4 base game

You start as a synth. Yes, that's right. You're the first and only gen 4 synth. You work for the Institute and are given the option to choose who you want to be in the Wasteland, similar to the Alternative Start mod. When you get to the Wasteland, you have a modified Pip-Boy that allows you communication from the Institute. You're on a quest to gain control of the dominant faction in the Commonwealth. There's a problem, though. The Commonwealth is torn between raiders and the Minutemen. You get to decide between them, and that's the first part of the main quest. In the second part, after you resolve the initial conflict, you discover the Railroad, and you get the option to betray the Institute or stay loyal to them. Minor factions also play a role in the main story. The Gunners can be either hired or destroyed by the Minutemen. If you're with the raiders, you can either destroy them or force them into assimilation. The Atom Cats are allies to the Minutemen you'll have to do quests for if you're with them, or destroy if you're with the raiders. The Forged are the opposite. The story of Kellogg and Shaun will still be a part of the game. This time, however, you're not his parent. Both died in Vault 111. You only uncover this when you side with the Railroad. You discover about Kellogg in other to gain access to the Institute. You also don't have to kill Kellogg this time. You can convince him to help you against the Institute, or to just stay out of it after he gives you what you need. Similar to BadCompanySarge's video. And yes, he's also a possible companion. If you're with the Institute, Kellogg will be your ally, helping you against the Railroad, but you'll not get to know about his past with Shaun. Your relationship with him will develop differently depending on which side you choose. The second part of the story will differ based on your choice in the first.This way the game has 4 different paths, just like the base game, but instead of forcing the Brotherhood and the Minutemen into the conflict, the Minutemen vs raiders conflict is expanded upon and coherently tied to the Institute and the Railroad. You also get to choose your character's backstory (yes, you're a synth, but you're replacing the person you're roleplaying) instead of being forced into it.

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