An estimation of the size of the overall NCR population and the NCR military.

Content of the article: "An estimation of the size of the overall NCR population and the NCR military."

The following analysis is a mere ESTIMATE based on real-world equivalencies and available Fallout lore, just so you know. NOTHING that is about to be said is in any way, form or fashion concrete. With that out of the way, let's begin, shall we?

The New California Republic Armed Forces would number at about 500,000 strong (150,000 in active service and 350,000 in reserve) with an overall NCR population of 2.5 million+ to support it. Here's an explanation as to why that is.

In the time between 1780 and 1850, when the First Industrial Revolution began, the population of Great Britain (where the First Industrial Revolution originated and was confined to for many decades) experienced an 11 million increase from 7.5 million to 18.5 million in the course of 70 years.

And this was achieved despite smallpox and measles epidemics, people living in grossly unsanitary, overcrowded conditions and very unsafe, dangerous working conditions. Furthermore, a great many advances in the fields of medicine, technology, agriculture and, obviously, industry helped to facilitate a massive increase in birth rates and, believe it or not, a massive decrease in death rates (though Britain's overall death rate was still pretty high by modern standards, it was still definitely far lower than the rest of the world prior to the 1820s) as a result of the First Industrial Revolution.

Advances that included, but were not limited to the world's first smallpox and measles vaccines, the world's first modern railroad technology, the Watts engine and the world's first steam-powered technologies. All of which originated in Great Britain during this time and were exclusive only to Great Britain until the 1820s.

The First Industrial Revolution also paved the way for newer, far more effective ways of cultivation of farmland and agricultural planning, which in turn resulted in a major increase in the availability of food as it became cheaper and numbersome very quickly. Not to mention that railroad transportation further increased the availability of food by improving the speed and scale through which it could be delivered.

Steel working and mining quickly became the cornerstones of the British economy as a direct result of the First Industrial Revolution and served to attract many British families to the cities in search of work, which in turn resulted in the populations of British cities exploding. Third-class families also tended to have more children so that the women of these families had more help with maintaining the household which further increased Britain's overall population.

Now we look at the NCR in 2241, which had a massive population of 700,000+ citizens (not including transients and non-citizens, by the way) at the time, had an absolutely enormous military that already had several DIVISIONS (meaning TENS OF THOUSANDS) at its disposal and was experiencing the most prosperous era of its history under the leadership of the greatest President that the NCR has ever had in its history, President Tandi. A brilliant, benevolent genius who did more to unite the Wastelands than any other leader before or after her and is without a doubt the greatest leader in the entire history of the post-apocalyptic world.

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Under the Tandi Administration, the Republic dedicated and focused all of its time, energy and resources towards its infrastructure; President Tandi actually spent all 10 terms of her presidency (52 years in office to be exact) improving and expanding and perfecting the infrastructure, industry and agriculture of the NCR, to be more specific. Her actions involved, but were in no way limited to, clearing off roads and railroads as well as repairing railroads to operational condition and even constructing entirely new roads and railroads.

The Tandi Administration also set about constructing military bases, forts and outposts for defense as well as restoring pre-War factories and weapons foundries to operational condition as part of its mammoth infrastructural overhaul and expansion. An expansion that would also entail the construction of entirely new factories and weapons foundries as well. Furthermore, the Tandi Administration's efforts would lead the Republic to work extensively with the Followers of the Apocalypse to painstakingly recultivate massive tracts of arable farmland for agricultural purposes.

Such rigorous efforts, performed on such a Herculean and ultimately completely unrivaled scale, would easily enable the Republic to attain innate mastery of agronomical sciences and agricultural planning. All of which definitely suggests that the Republic's infrastructure then was truly a sight to behold and that by now is just unimaginable. And the best part: the growth and development of NCR infrastructure didn't stop with President Tandi's death in 2248 as there's clear evidence that the NCR is planning to expand their railroad networks into the Mojave Wasteland in 2281!

Furthermore, there's also the matter of the Republic's annexation of Vault City in 2242(?). An event of titanic importance which granted the NCR unlimited access to organ cloning technology, performance enhancement implant technology, armor grafting technology and Auto-Doc technology amongst innumerable other highly-advanced medical technologies. Not to mention the ability to mass-produce the aforementioned technologies along with stims, superstims, Rad-X, RadAway and other modern medicines, as well.

All the research behind the aforementioned medical wonders and the brains behind said research would also come within the grip of the Republic as a direct result of this grand moment in post-apocalyptic history. And it wouldn't be surprising in the least if President Tandi and the Followers of the Apocalypse worked together to create Vault City medical technology-based research and production facilities of their own in Republic territory. All for the express purpose of mass-producing the aforementioned technologies as it would break the NCR's dependence on Vault City for such glorious treasures.

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Then there's also the possible annexation of San Francisco and its rulers, the Shi, to consider as well. If such a monumental event were to have occurred, it would have granted the Republic access to all kinds of technological marvels. Marvels that would've included a new kind of fuel synthesized from plant extracts and sea life as well as the means of producing and properly transporting the fuel, all of the Shi's research regarding nuclear power (which was said to be nearing a breakthrough) and a unique kind of vine capable of removing radiation from an area entirely in addition to so much more. While the ultimate fate of San Francisco and the Shi has never been verified, it would've served the Republic quite well if both were brought into the fold.

Now we have the rise of the Brahmin-Barons and the Agri-Barons, who have all but monopolized agriculture in the Republic. While their monopoly has made it very difficult for the little guy to get by and has resulted in a surge of corruption in the government, it has also made food far more available and served to bolster the Republic's already-bulging food supply even further. Especially given that the Brahmin-Barons and Agri-Barons established their monopoly by selling massive quantities of meat and crops for dirt cheap prices, prices that small-time farmers and ranchers were unable to compete with, and maintain their monopoly by continuing to do so.

Now for the summary. The monopoly of the Agri-Barons and the Brahmin-Barons as well as the Republic's monstrous agricultural output would all but guarantee that the food supply of the NCR would be adequate enough to support a population boom similar to that of Great Britain's between 1780-1850. Not to mention that the Republic's railroad networks would see to it that food and other basic necessities will become very easily available, which in turn would further contribute to a population boom.

And the industrial might of the NCR (which is colossal at least in comparison to the other societies of the post-apocalyptic world) would definitely result in a major surge in the Republic's overall population, just as it did in Great Britain between 1780-1850. The medical technology of Vault City and the technology of the Shi would definitely see an unprecedented rise in overall birth rates and an immense decrease in overall death rates just as surely as Republic industry would. Not to mention that radiation could have potentially been all but purged from the West completely in the event that the Shi joined the Republic, further contributing to the population boom.

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And the best part: the NCR isn't dealing with the problems that Great Britain endured between 1780-1850 (crippling epidemics, unsanitary, overcrowded living conditions and highly-dangerous, life-threatening, piss-poor working conditions) or at least there's no proof that they are. And the technology of the NCR is far ahead of Great Britain's between 1780-1850, being exclusively modern or postmodern. British technology at the time, on the other hand, was highly primitive and mundane, especially by modern standards.

With all of this in mind, if 1780-1850 Great Britain could manage an 11 million increase in population within 70 years, even with all of their disadvantages, then the 2241 NCR can manage a 1.5 million increase (the true population of the NCR back in 2241 would've easily been in excess of 1 million+ if both transients and non-citizens are taken into account) as well as a massive troop surge within its armed forces within 40 years.

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