Another Cannon discussion Part 1 the opening.

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Hee Guys,

I am playing Fallout 4 again and last time I made some different choices and I started thinking about it and I got nowhere and started to rethink everything.

During my first playthrough I first went to Concord and then helped out Preston and some settlements, build up sanctuary and then left for diamond city. On my way there I stopped and listened to the radio and went to find the Brotherhood of steel first and joined up, did missions before I went further to Diamond city and started the quest chain that ultimately led me to kill Kellogg and relive his mind.

My second playtrough I also first went to Concord and lead the party back to sanqtuary before immediatly setting out to head for Diamond City. I play on Survival, so I stick to the road and did not listen to the militairy frequency, just to diamond city radio. I imagined i'd check it for like a couple seconds, just hear nothing and tought it would be a dead radio channel. I only focussed on doing the main quest missions to where we relive Kellogg's memories. The Prydwin ofc arrives when you kill Kellogg, but I did not think the Sole Survivor would have a specific reason to look for the Brotherhood's aid at the time and still don't know what the best time for him to introduce himself would be. When finishing the main quest part upto where you need to find Virgil I tought that this would be abit of a crossroad for the sole survivor. I ended up lucky with a ton of chems due to the side quest involving Cooke and Paul and ofc still had a set of power armor from Concord and I found an additional 2 incompletes in my journey. That can be assembled into 1 for my companion to suit up with me.

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At this point I decided to first build up Sanctuary, Red Rockety Truck and Abernathy Farm. As the Solve Survivor would know that Shaun was in the institute and he was no longer in danger of losing his trail. So in case he will find Virgil and the institute later, that he can assemble some kind of crew to bust him out.

This is where I left off.

My alternative path would be: The Sole Survivor goes to Concord, hears gunfighting and decides not to meddle in any business and maybe spots what he could later identify as a raider. Upon leaving Concord, disappointed that he did not get the chance to speak to another person. He goes back to Sanctuary to search around the settlement and stock up for when he goes in full Shaun chase mode. Wondering where he should go without any prior knowledge. He decides that the most kid friendly place and one where his abductor's might have taken him is Nuka World.

I have not yet done this path so this is speculative.

From here he becomes Overboss and starts neutrally subduing settlements and secretly looking for any information on Shaun. Eventually he would pass trough Concord, kill the opposing raiders and answer Preston call for aid as this would be his first encounter with someone resembling an idea of organised civilisation and Mama Murphy's remarkable talents and first actual helpfull advice on finding Shaun. From here on, he would stop sacking settlements's and proceed pretty much the same path Cannon would be.

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So what do you guys think about the opening part?

Do you think he would go to Nuka World?

Do you think he would bother and help the settlements before finding Virgil?

When would the Sole Survivor meet up with the Brotherhood?

When does the Sole Survivor meet the Railroad?

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