Another post got me thinking about what a possible Fallout game in another country would look like, and while I’m sure there are hundreds of posts about it already, I feel like discussing it

Content of the article: "Another post got me thinking about what a possible Fallout game in another country would look like, and while I’m sure there are hundreds of posts about it already, I feel like discussing it"

I’m gonna cover my idea for what one would look like, and what I think could become of it here.

I think a really cool area for a Fallout game to take place in outside of the US would be China, specifically parts of China where the US occupied, since we know that this did happen with the US invasion of the mainland. The vast differences in religious practices, ideologies, technologies, language, and culture between the Chinese government and the US occupying force could present an extremely interesting scenario.

Firstly, one of the main things I want to get out of the way, I have no clue if this could even be considered a Fallout game. It would exist in the same universe but might function so rabidly different from other Fallout games that it wouldn’t be considered similar. As we know the US government invaded parts of China in retaliation for the invasion of Alaska. While I’m sure some nukes would be dropped on these areas, I do not think it would be anywhere close to the levels of carnage unleashed upon the cities in America, because I highly doubt the US would nuke areas it already controlled, and I doubt China would nuke territories of China itself either, at least to an extreme (China may launch some nukes at strategic areas, say a US command center in China, but I doubt it would nuke entire cities of its own citizens which are under occupation). Radiation would definitely still be present as it would be carried in from parts of China which were nuked extensively by the US, and with Japan and Korea probably also being bombed to shit the oceans of China’s shore would probably be highly radioactive. Thus radiation would still be present, but it is possible it would be much less of a threat in these areas than in somewhere like Washington DC or Beijing (if we consider it wasn’t occupied, which I’m not sure if it was or wasn’t). So I believe it would focus much more on the social upheaval caused by both invading forces, the technology that came with them, and ideology.

Secondly, the factions of this new wasteland would possibly be more diverse than in any Fallout game to date. While we would not see a return of the Brotherhood of Steel for the 800th time, I am sure that remnants of American Soldiers who brought power armor over would possibly serve as the power armor faction here. While I doubt they would necessarily serve America anymore, I think their ideals would be heavily affected by America’s own ideals (not the Enclave basically). Another faction which could possibly exist would be made up of the descendants of the Communists. Since their descendants would probably be more used to having fought a guerrilla war against the US, I think their equipment would look much more like the Minutemen’s from Fallout 4. They could also function similarly to a guerrilla group, kinda similar to the Railroad/Early game Fallout 3’s Enclave/even the Institute, while not being regarded as merely a myth like the aforementioned Railroad, being known for being illusive and only really hearing about them through propaganda broadcasts and occasional covert actions.

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Then, of course, there would be more Opportunistic groups in between those two, which is I feel the strong point of this idea in terms of factions, which is why I gave it its own paragraph. The land would’ve been so massively divided due to the differences in ideology, culture, religion, language, and even technology, that it could look similar to Warlord era China. Cliques would rise and take power and just as quickly fall to a military coup or interference from the aforementioned major factions. Many could align with those factions’ ideals, while others would forge their own path, and due to them being opportunists, this could change during the course of the game with the player doing different missions, much like how actual warlords in China functioned (the warlord of Sinkiang, Sheng Shicai, switched between the communists and Kuomintang multiple times before the USSR finally had enough of his crap and ignored him, and Chiang Kai Shek didn’t even really trust him either). Many could focus on the support of the masses in one area to gain power, while others could rely on power and technology (which I will get to in a moment). The kicker here is that the player may even be able to form their own clique if they have the right amount of pure power and support, either taking over an existing clique or establishing their own. The player can thus become their own warlord and decide to conquer for themselves.

Now, technology. As we all know Power Armor was an American invention designed to fight the Chinese invaders in Alaska. As the invasion of China began, I assume Power Armor was used in the fighting, thus bringing Power Armor over to China, but not a lot of it like in America. The Chinese probably also wouldn’t have had the means to create more power armor like the Americans, and would have resorted to jury rigging already existing suits of power armor. This means that possibly the most advanced suit of power armor in China would be the T-51. The X-01 was an Enclave invention and I believe the T-60 was created by the Brotherhood themselves, but don’t quote me on that. T-45 and T-51 would probably be the height of power that one could hope to achieve. This means the vast majority of power armor in China would be jury rigged power armor, either T-45/51 or even new sets of power armor constructed after the bombs fell (like the raider armor from Fallout 4 or the Construction armor from 76, but again idk if the Construction armor was a post war invention because I haven’t played much 76). As for weaponry, I am not certain but I believe that energy weaponry technology was pioneered by the Americans as well. Since I am not certain of this however I will not cover it much, but there would be a lot of jury rigged energy weaponry as well (sort of like the Laser Musket from Fallout 4). This could reintroduce the repair system from the older games as these jury rigged weapons would probably not be stable at all. So it is possible the aforementioned warlords would rely on their power being kept by owning a set of jury rigged power armor of a varied type and a jury rigged energy weapon. Due to RobCo’s absence, the Pip Boy would probably be extremely rare, making room for either a Chinese model of personal computer or even the player having somehow managed to get their hands on a Pip Boy (although I think the former is far more interesting)

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Language is my final point and where I wonder how the game could be presented. Due to both English and Chinese probably being the two main spoken languages, if it was going to be made into a game, it would be extremely hard to implement both of these languages effectively. Which is where I decided this would be a better scenario for a tabletop RPG if anything. Cliques would have a hard time keeping power if they managed to rise due to the language differences. After all, how would you manage to get news and laws to people who do not understand them where college education which could teach you these languages have probably gone in a flash? Interpreters would be hard to come by and would be another major means for Cliques to keep power.

That’s the end of my idea so far. Any thoughts for additions? Criticisms? Even better scenarios?

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