Anyone else make up quests at their camps to take random players on??

Given that the quests and dailies get old fast, I’ve recently found a lot of fun in designing my camp in an unusual way and making it a quest for random visitors. When they show up, I give them some space, let them shop and see if they’re the type that likes to explore a bit. While some will just shop and fast travel out, I wait for the ones that check out some other parts of my camp. It’s a shop-type design with two domes on either side that are themed in different ways, one “light” (with plushies gathered around the old man winter effigy and some other details), and a “dark” dome (with mounted heads and some other creepy stuff). I’ll then stand on the road and show that I’m the owner. If they come and say hi, the quest begins.

I lure them to a computer terminal leading underground. By this time, most of the adventurous visitors will follow me into the unknown. They’re greeted by what looks like a ticket booth at a theater, but through the door is an underground Mothman church. We do a little dance, play the theremin, meet the oddly dressed ally, and continue into the underground. There’s about 6 unique rooms to see down there, before I guide them to the stairs going up. But at the upper platform, I’ll take a drink from what seems like thin air, letting them know there’s an invisible water source. I ask them to follow me one last time into the void, as I run in and start swimming. They just see me swimming in mid air but usually follow me anyway. We swim under the map until we come to the creek behind the wayward and phase back above ground.

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Naturally, they keep following me once we’re up, and I take them back across the street to my camp. At this point I’ll draw attention to the scorchbeast head on the red rocket statue on top of my camp and shoot at it with a flaming arrow so they see it. I do this next to a lonely switch that’s attached to a cardboard vaultboy and start crouching and standing, signaling them to flip the switch. When they do, the rocket is hit with a flamethrower trap and launches in the air, also destroying the scorchbeast head. I give a heart emote, pose for a picture, and wave goodbye.

I do this countless times every day and it’s been a blast to hear the feedback afterwards. It’s a little convoluted and not everyone wants to plan out a weird adventure like this, but to me it’s what keeps the game going day in and day out. Anyone else have any unique ways they spend their time in 76??

Edit: I’ve skipped over some important details in this adventure (the types of rooms, the order, the costumes me and my ally wear, hidden areas, etc). That’s intentional in case anyone wants to check it out themselves. I’m on PS4 by the way.

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