Anyone else think that the Public Team boosts seem mostly underwhelming?

I remember someone mentioning on a different thread about not taking this from an endgame perspective – I think that’s a good idea. I’ll try to cover that too. This is my opinion, and I’m not a bloody build with maxed stats, so I don’t really know if any of these would be desirable there… Though likely not.

Event – Great all-rounder, this is the only one I don’t have any complaint about. Great for endgame, early game, and anywhere in between. Just great in general.

Hunter – Bonus XP from rare enemies…? I don’t know, just seems like a waste. If you’re going to farm XP and legendaries, why not farm legendaries without this, and use events with lots of enemies to get them, and use the Event team to get more XP at the end of those? Just simpler, and it gives much more XP.

Roleplaying – Endgame, this, like the other three left, is totally worthless… Unless you’re buying something. That’s the only time I can see this be useful, outside of the relatively rare skill checks. Which for the majority of side quests, dailies, all events, and main quests, charisma isn’t used.

Building – Ignoring the endgame, this seems alright… Again, good for some checks. However, this doesn’t do much to actually help with building. It doesn’t affect your resource costs, and weapon condition (by a stretch, you could say it is building) isn’t affected very much by Intelligence.

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There was a post done on this a while ago, if someone finds it I’ll link it here.

Casual – This one is probably one of the more acceptable ones. Two reasons, ignoring old points. The first is that this affects condition and quality of looted items – excellent for the early game, and good for late game too, if you’re grinding out plans. Additionally, for builds using crits, you’re getting even faster crit rates. Still not great… But definitely not bad.

Exploration – This is by far the worst team. You get just a bit of health and a bit of extra sprint distance. That’s it. There is one check that I have found through the course of Wastelanders for this. One. I can’t come up with a reason to justify this at all… Unless you’re in desperate need of 20 HP – which you can get from a late game perk if you really need it.

Overall? In my opinion, only the Event team is really worth anyone’s time. There’s another issue I have: It doesn’t seem like most of these match what their name is.

Look at Hunter, for example. If you’re a hunting team, you’re not after XP. You’re after loot. If you’re building… Why in the world would you want a bonus to a stat that doesn’t do anything with building Roleplaying. Real talk, the Roleplaying groups on 76 from my experience (and running of one) either don’t use 76 to actually do it, or do it via VC. Which by the way, has nothing to do with Charisma. If it’s referring to the dialogue system… I have no comment. Exploration… Yeah, endurance makes sense.

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TL/DR? The Public Teams system seems to have only one useful type of team: Event. The rest hardly even fit their names.

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