AP Regen Test in Power Armor

Hi all,

I've googled this to death and seem to get conflicting answers so I thought I would test this for myself once and for all.

These are the results I get for each of the AP mods/perks as well as how it is affected when in combat.I

I simply ran in a single direction until my AP ran out, then counted how long it got from the needle touching 0 to 100%.

I did this three times and even though this is not down to the millisecond, a one-second AP regen difference was quite noticeable so I feel it was sufficient.


In terms of whether dodgy is worth it or not – I feel it is absolutely worth it, I am rarely out of AP if I am running and gunning due to how quick it regens.

Edit: So by request, I did this a few more times and for a few more combinations.

Surprisingly, I came up with some really interesting numbers. In short, it looks like Kinetic Servos are definitely under-rated.

It would seem the best combination to get a 4-second refill of the bar is Assembled + Kinetic Servos.

The absolute best fill is All of the combined (AB + LW + Rejuv + Assembled + KS) for 3 seconds.

However, I believe it acceptable to run just assembled + Kinetic for a 4-second regen and save 5 points by not using AB and Rejuv (LW I will always use, because of the damage reduction).

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It would seem from my testing, it is more efficient to run Assembled + KS and move AB and Rejuv points to weight reduction points to make up for the +100 weight for calibrated shocks.

5 free points into QOL weight perks will most likely be worth much more than +100 carry weight.

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