Are you still playing 76? How are your vendor sales compared to pre-update?

I was sooo excited for the update and then I got so frustrated/disappointed by all the bugs and misrepresentation of what we were actually getting I just…I’m having a hard time finding reasons to play.

I was tooling around Becker farm and went into a house, second floor bedroom with furniture everywhere. Opened my menu, looked at challenges, closed menu…. and all the furniture was gone except a dresser. The bed was gone, but the pillows and teddy bear that were on the bed were now floating in midair near the ceiling.

That’s just one of many bugs that have been persistent since the update.

On top of that, I’ve made exactly 2 sales since the update. Yes, my icon is public. It’s even still the tent icon so I’m more visible. All my 3* legendary weapons are priced under 2k caps, plans are either 25 or 50 caps, armor is always under 500 caps.

I’ve been on 5 servers today and they’re all dead. Nobody is doing events. Nobody dropping nukes. Most people aren’t even joining public teams anymore.

What do you think is behind all of this?

I think lack of vendor sales is probably (at least mostly) attributable to the issues surrounding visibility on the map. I can’t find camps, so I’m not vendor hopping anymore.

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What keeps you playing? Are you still playing? Why or why not? I’m genuinely curious because I like the game and want to play, but after a few minutes I just get bored and think “why am I even playing this right now?” because there’s nothing to do except the same old dailies except now they’re bugged to hell (looking at you Cop a Squatter).

I want the scoreboard rewards…but I just can’t make myself play long enough to actually get more than one a day.

“Just go play a different game” ok but I want to play this one and I want to enjoy it. I don’t know maybe I just need to uninstall and move on. It’s been 3 years now and there’s still day 1 bugs in the game. It’s just really discouraging to have been playing this long and still not have a game that’s fully functional 😞


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