Are you wondering which plans and outfits are actually rare? [GUIDE]

As a plan collector who is trying to collect all the plans, I end up with duplicates that I don't need that I will try to sell or give away. I've also found that the existing tools and databases are extremely comprehensive and great for details, but not so helpful when you just want to take a quick peek on your phone to see if a plan you got is worth keeping or not or whether you're gonna get ripped off at a vendor. So I went through Fed76 and the Plan Collectors Database and made myself a mobile friendly spreadsheet that only lists plans that Fed76 lists as worth more than 1000 caps. I've also grouped them by category so it's easier to find what you're looking for and consolidated some of the categories so you don't have a whole bunch of listings for the same basic thing.

Having seen all the discussion around my recent post on getting an Ultracite plan I needed, I was thinking that others might like to see/use this tool, so I figured I'd share it. It also might be useful for people selling plans to know what they should not bother selling instead of dumping all their known plans into their vendors (please don't). Some plans are super common and just make it harder for people to find the plans they actually need. Just leave them in a suitcase at Whitesprings Station or drop them for some low level player. Seriously, no one will buy that Chemistry workbench plan you got at a workshop. Though surprisingly, people buy that stupid artillery plan that you get at Fort Defiance, go figure.

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The big list of actually rare plans and outfits

Disclaimers and Notes:

  • This is purely based off of Fed76 and the Plan Collectors database and I have not separately researched prices, etc. They have done a great job of this already but your mileage will vary if you use these prices as a bible.
  • If you don't see something on this list, it most likely is not worth much (unless I made an error, sorry), so sell it cheap or give it away. You might be surprised at what isn't on this list or you might not.
  • The plans listed as Vendor items are ones that you can buy at the robot vendors that cost a fair amount of caps. Many (but not all) of these can also be found in the wild in things like treasure maps. I have listed the cheapest price you can pay for them with hard bargain, etc. since you'll definitely want to price any of these less than what they can be bought for in the shop (don't be that guy).

TLDR of what has value

Armor: Only Raider, Robot and Metal pieces and Dense mods

Backpacks: Most are good

Pails & Gifts: Only the new items from Pails are worth anything. Gift plans are worthless (blame the dupers).

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Daily Ops: Only the new tradeable plans have value and a couple of old ones.

Seasonal Events: Meat week, yes. Fasnacht, no. Mischief Night, hell yes!

Graham: Only exclusives

Random Encounter: Yes!

Underarmors: Raider (varieties), Casual (varieties), BOS (varieties), Marine and VTU and all Shielded mod plans

Grenades: Plasma only and these were duped a lot, so not really

Power Armor: T-60 pieces, BOS paints and a selection of mods for all types (Calibrated Shocks, Reactive Plates, Stealth Boy, Targeting HUD, Tesla Coils and Emergency Protocols of any type are a safe bet)

Booze: Liquid Courage, Nuka Dark

Recipes: Only Tato Salad (angryturtle's favorite)

Chems: Cutting Fluid, Disease Cure (Ash only), many Healing Salves (but not Forest), Stimpack Diffuser and Super Stims

Weapons: A good number of these have value, so it's worth checking the list. If you come across an Assault Rifle plan you just hit the jackpot, go buy a lottery ticket.

Outfits: If you didn't get it from an event or a random encounter vendor it's most likely junk. Unless it's a red dress, of course, but I'm not convinced that these even exist.


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