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I’m playing through The Pitt again for the first time in a long time; and this is probably one of the hardest choices I had to make in a video game. Ashur or Wernher?

Let’s get the facts out of the way.

Ishmael Ashur, also known as Lord Ishmael Ashur or just Ashur, is the leader of The Pitt in 2277. A former initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel, he single-handedly revitalized the city following its near-destruction by the Brotherhood. His ways are rather, extreme. But he does have a plan in action and is building a future for The Pitt. He seems to acknowledge his present leadership as a degrading past. He clearly puts on an act for both the raiders and slaves of The Pitt. However, there’s no denying his stature as a dictator. And that tied to his extreme measures is somewhat questionable. He’s got the cure and a plan to dissect and distribute it in time. He will mention both to the Lone Wanderer and in his audio diaries directed to Marie that there will no longer be need for the harsh ways that are currently being enforced. Midea will mock the Lone Wanderer for believing in Ashur’s word as if she’s sure it’s a lie. But if we take in to consideration what Ashur’s current situation is; he cannot control his own men from unnecessarily abusing and murdering slaves. He even goes as far as to implement an arena for the entertainment of the the Pitt’s citizens. He also clearly has a history of not being stable so it’d seem Midea’s take is a justified outlook. But not factual one.

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Then there’s Wernher; an escaped slave and former right-hand man of Ishmael Ashur. Wernher was condemned to slavery after trying to stage a coup to overthrow Ashur. He has no particular love for the slaves, and he sees a plan to kidnap Ashur's baby as a way to get back at The Pitt's ruler and the city in general. Midea concocted the kidnapping plan with Wernher shortly after he was enslaved, and she sees the baby as a tool to earn the freedom of her people. Midea is no scientist like Sandra Kundanika (Ashur’s wife) and has far from the qualifications it takes to crack a cure, (or at least compared to Sandra) but it is much more assured the freedom of the slaves and the distribution of the cure to them if found if Wernher’s route is choosen. Not to mention the many more lives that are saved thanks to the end of Ashur’s tyranny. Wernher is pretty much the opposite of Ashur in that his intentions are dull but the successful outcome of his plan will mean freedom of the slaves and a potential cure to the people of The Pitt. Of course, Ashur’s plan to rebuild the city will be destroyed but then again, would it really be so much a great thing when it’s been built on a foundation of blood and bodies? And how sure are we that Ashur will not continue to use his power as leader or rather abuse it by further use of slaves. Which brings me to my last question;

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How do we know? Is there any sort of confirmation as to what’d happen in The Pitt for both outcomes? We’ve had a few Fallout games along with their respective DLC’s to go along with them since the release of The Pitt. Is there any indication at all. And if not, is there really nothing more to ensure this gamble of a choice? So that we’d probably know who’d have the cards in their favour (according to morals)?

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