Awesome Community (:

As I browsed Reddit to find guides, ideas, and new info on this game I kept running into posts about how amazing the Fallout 76 community was. I have only been playing the game for about a week.

I started with my buddy and we both made it to lvl 11 playing together until he abandoned me because this game did not have enough quality pvp to satisfy him. Thus I was left to play alone 🙁

I quit playing for months hoping he returned but alas, he never did. About a week ago I sank my teeth into this game again and fell in love. I ended up getting fallout 1st and hopping onto a private server to grind from 15ish to 38. As my junk piled up I decided to buy in for the junk stash and tent.

Well, I eventually came back to adventure mode to find people to do events with and daily ops. I had barely any ammo or caps. I went around vendors trying to stock up on cheaper plans and even saved money on fast travel.

At lvl 40 I used an assault rifle I found and modified it to the max. It had no effects and was your run of the mill basic automatic. I barely had 5.56 ammo and jumped into ops to get more after I realized how they worked. Enemies became bullet sponges around lvl 45 and I was running through a lot.

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I ditched my favorite lvl 20 silenced sniper and lvl 15 revolver I got from BOS storyline because they no longet cut it. Well, last night I joined an OP with a solo player who was 1 shotting every mob with his auto grenade launcher. I barely had time to shoot enemies.

After the OP I thanked him and went on my way to my tent to do inventory management. Well, about 5 minutes later he shows up to my tent, waves, and beckons me to come over. He drops two 3 star lvl 45 weapons and 2.2k of 5.56 ammo. I ask him if I can take them and he says they are for me.

He was a nice guy from Thailand who barely spoke English but was just trying to help me out. I am soooooo thankful! One was a fully retrofitted silenced full auto handmade rifle with less ap drain in vats, explosive ammo, and extra dmg to scorched. The other was a topped out silenced lever action with double damage on full hp enemies, 90% reduced weight, and bonus vats criticals.

That helped me out SO much. Both have been invaluable to me and I intend to keep them forever and put them on display when I build my base as a memory of my first encounter :p

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I was so ecstatic I mentioned it to another player who I jumped in with after adding him a few days prior. He is over 300 and told me he had a similar experience in this game. He opted to help by giving me over 200 ballistic fiber because I was running half broken armor due to lack of supply to repair and bought my slave collar that I set at 9999 caps as a meme 😀

This community is the best!!! I can't wait to get going and return the favor!


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