Been thinking about the BLAST RADIUS board game and think I may have figured out how to play it:

What we do know about the BLAST RADIUS board game from looking at the box:

  • For ages 5 to 29.

  • Has two 6 sided Dice.

  • Has a Powered Spinner with a wired controller for it.

  • The Board is circular with 4 zones (Ground Zero Inner, Ground Zero outer, Middle Blast radius, Outer are of blast) and each zone is a different color except for both the Ground zero zones which are both red, the Middle is orange and the outer looks tanish color.

  • Game Board zones have 12 spaces each with the exception of the Inner Ground Zero, so a total of 36 regular spaces and the ground zero space being the Starting space (Makes sense to make the big single space the start space)

  • With the way the Children on the box are set up, I would believe this to be a 1 to 4 player game.

  • Each of the 36 main spaces each have their own symbols, 9 different symbols total: Car, House, Skull&Crossbones, Medic cross (Plus sign), Water drop, Food symbol (Fork&Spoon), Arrow symbol (Looks like a play button), Radiation symbol, Bomb Symbol.

Here is how I think Blast Radius is played:

  • Players choose a Player Piece (Not shown on box) and place them in the center space that also has the mushroom cloud in it.

  • they then select someone to be the Spinner controller (the cord looks like it would get tangled around the Cloud if passed to others in the game so like many other types of games a controller of Spinner control makes sense)

  • At the beginning of the game each player rolls the dice and whoever has the higher value goes first and then it goes clockwise or counter clockwise most likely, but once the order is figured out, then they must roll evens to get out of the start area and go onto the House symbol, once on the house symbol their first time their turn ends.

  • once the player leaves the start zone and is on the house, when its their turn again they Roll the dice and move as many spaces as the value and only in the same colored zone until they land on a symbol, each symbol has their own purpose and rules that must be followed (What I think each rule is for each symbol down below).

  • the players must land on the symbol in order to follow the symbol they landed on and cannot leave the zone they are in until they land on the Arrow symbol.

  • when on an arrow symbol, the players turn ends and at next turn will roll the dice, moving up to next zone will count as one space and then they player will use the remaining number of spacing in that new zone, if on the outer most zone and they player lands on it, then they automatically move out of the Blast radius and are the winner.

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Here is what I think each symbol means:

  • Nuclear Bomb: If a player lands on this then activate the spinner, anyone in the spinners path after it stops and anyone on a Radiation sickness symbol must go back to starting space (They died)

  • Radiation Symbol (Radiation sickness): If player lands on this, player may only move half of their rolled spaces next turn, if an odd number of spaces, round down by 1 space to make it even number.

  • Arrow Button: When a player lands on this, on next turn they will use one of their spaces to move up into the new zone and use the rest of the spaces in that zone until next arrow can be reached, if landed on the last arrow located at the outer most zone, then player automatically clears the Blast radius and wins the game.

  • Food: If player lands on this, roll dice, if Odd then food poisoning occurred and on next turn player can only move half of their rolled space count, round down by 1 if odd to make even., if Value is even then take another turn as for you filled your belly with food.

  • Water: Same as food, but water was contaminated if odd and if even you satisfied your thirst and can keep going by taking another turn.

  • Skull & Crossbones: Instant death and player must go back to start and try again.

  • Medical symbol: is same as Food and water, but with bad reaction to drugs or good reaction to them so can take another turn.

  • House (Shelter): first time landing on this from the start zone the players turn ends. If this is the second or more time that the player has landed on it, lose a turn for getting to comfortable.

  • Vehicle: If player lands on this, roll dice, if odds end turn, if evens player takes another turn (no negative effect for odd)

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I honestly think Blast Radius is a game of chance and luck, the box says quick reaction time & skill to get to safety and so if you know how to role the dice you can quickly get out of each zone and cleared, but need luck so not to die from Nuclear blast and its effects.

I have been thinking about this for so long that I think this is how it is played, and now I want to play it.

What do you all think?

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