Being the General of the Sanctuary Minutemen Rant

Content of the article: "Being the General of the Sanctuary Minutemen Rant"

The Minutemen and the whole settling of Sanctuary is so broken in my opinion.

Introducing Settlement building by having a couple of survivors come out of the Vault with you would have just made more sense. The broken whiney group that can't do anything for themselves would have meshed better. A bunch of pre war squishies with the only military (or lawyer, but for some reason I envision Nora being a political lawyer, not a shitty "business" lawyer?) (wo)man in the group? Makes sense I'd be their leader.

The weird and terrible introduction of the Minutemen could have been altered enough to actually fit and make some sense. I mean, Garvey asking you to lead the Minutemen (which I would see as an administrative job, with tasks like checking up on the various groups, sending scouts out to outposts/spots to clear, reinforcing areas and moving troops around depending on attacks and such..), but Garvey is doing all the admin work, telling you when and where to go. You're just the best foot soldier this group has ever had. Yeah, you can make Garvey follow you around and whatnot, but move him to a settlement during an attack and he does nothing. You have to be the guy pulling the trigger, taking the directions from your "advisor".
You build "Vault City 2.0", and Garvey hears tales of this wonderous human saving settlers, of course the group would take Mama Murphy a little more seriously. Would make sense why he'd give you an immediate promotion (you've succeeded at what he failed at). You now have that administrative feel of people coming to you, rather then you going to people. Might even introduce a new faction, or bring in the Enclave cause these pre-war guppies want their old lives back?

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And finally, I feel like it would give more of an attachment to the initial settlement. I set them up, never build a recruitment beacon, and peace as soon as I can from that area of the world. Red Rocket is the farthest I ever move back, and that's only if I'm seriously hurting for supplies. (It's my main supply depot for the first like, 1/5-1/4 of the game.) But knowing the other pre war neighbors were there would probably make it seem more Covenant-y, but with less torture, and more Apple Pie.

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