Best all around heavy gun for everyday use and bosses? (Also my story to find a heavy gun)

My story starts out as a Bloodied Melee build. Traveling the wasteland taking down most threats with ease. The problem was with the scorchbeast queen. Er anything that’s flying out of my reach for that matter. Most of the time my fellow wastelanders place the nuke so that us anti-power armor players can fight, but then I had to wait for the queen to land to do any damage. On one lucky occasion the queen dropped a night junkie’s/ffr/rw gauss minigun, so I thought, this is a sign that I should become a heavy gunner. I committed and made the switch.

Now, I had read many posts saying it is a ammo gobbler, but I thought no, I can farm and keep this baby fed… well I was wrong. The ammo struggle is real with this gun. I spent a lot of the little time I had, logging in and farming for materials to craft ammo for this thing. Then one day while window shopping, I came across a fully modded furious/ffr/dr minigun for 850 caps. I thought, ok this a good price and I could probably get everyday use out of this baby.

Well, ammo was slightly easier to craft for this thing, but I did still spend precious time gathering materials, and at times, causing me to miss events. Then I was blessed by the Fasnacht Gods with a Furious/ffr/25%vats ultracite Gatling laser. Fasnacht masks are cool, but I’m really there to try my luck on that guaranteed 3 star.

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I’ve been using this gat laser for a day and it’s pretty good. I have hoarded a lot of fusion cores and they are pretty easy to find so ammo is not a problem for now. I thought, let us proceed with the modding… andddd I only have the reflex sight and prime receiver. I’m limited on what mods I can buy from vendor bots. The only way I can get all mods is to get the gun plans that rarely drop from cranberry bog events(according to others). So now my quest to find these plans begins.

Side note: I’ve also been trying to craft a plasma caster for my everyday weapon, but out of the 12 I have crafter so far, none have been ideal rolls.

You’ve made it this far, so now I ask you, what is the best all around heavy gun and why?

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