Best ending in Far Harbor for a minutemen general?

Content of the article: "Best ending in Far Harbor for a minutemen general?"

I'm really conflicted. As a minutemen general who takes his job seriously, the main goal for him is to achieve peace all across the commonwealth but also deal righteous justice when it is necessary.

So if we exclude material gain (e.g perks and loot, because my build doesn't really use any of the loot we get from the different endings) which ending is the most appropriate, the ending where there is peace on the island and DiMA lives and gets away with murder or where DiMA is brought to justice and the residents of far harbor can live without fear of the CoA?

I think it's evil to kill a bunch of people in atomic fire even if they're delusional but having DiMA brought to justice and dealing with the threat of replacing is compelling for a justice seeker and a friend of the people character. On the other hand, DiMA does strife for good and it would possibly be for the better if he was there to look out for all the residents of the island, but I don't feel like an honorable fool general could go through his plan of murder and replacing.

As a side note it feels like the peace between FH and CoA is built on hollow ground. There are many things that could happen. 1. If the CoA notice that Tektus doesn't age or if he somehow dies and the children find the synth component. 2. If convinced to leave, Tektus returning on the island despite warnings, 3. If murdered, someone finding his corpse in the wall (by the smell, some construction work?) , 4. Relations in the future going south for different reasons (both factions are inherently xenophobic)

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It most likely comes down to roleplaying. Which do I think my general values more, peace or justice.

Edit: I also roll alot with Nick with this guy so his opinnion should have some impact on the ending. I know he is devastated if DiMA dies but he doesn't really seem to like letting him get away with murder. Which one does he actually prefer?

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