Bethesda giveth and Bethesda taketh away… a rant

Content of the article: "Bethesda giveth and Bethesda taketh away… a rant"

If there is a better place to post frustrations please direct me there but after reading how the new Seasons will work I think I may finally be reaching the limit. I have been a staunch defender of this game, and Bethesda since day one and given a ton of leeway but today Im fed up.

I understand game makers need constant repetitive players to keep a game title going, but the actual way to keep people coming back is not to make the game as painful as humanly possible.

We spent so long waiting for wastelanders, and it was good, dont get me wrong. Even with bugs still remaining from beta, but this game doesnt have solid content to keep you playing, so we rely on repeatable quests and grinding. Thats fine.

But since launch we've had the experience for ghouls at white springs, nerfed to the ground. Then they decided to nerf legendary spawns there too. Then nerfed legendary spawns everywhere. So we are stuck checking the same handful of locations over and over as we grind for our daily scrip.

Then they give us a huge event with Project Paradise, great content, but requires a bunch of coordinated people to get top tier rewards. But thats ok because it pops off every 20 minutes or so and you can easily invite friends to come play. Nope, nerfed to a random counter as are all events now. And hoard events which were initially all over the map are few and far between.

Now with Seasons we are losing our atoms. One of the few things that filled the lack of content void was being able to pop in and do some daily challenges, build up those 40 or 50 atoms a day and maybe get a nice reward from the atom shop once a month. We are going from over 6k atoms to 1500?

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Where is the reward Bethesda? We've had several new grinds put in, which is a joke really. If you cant create content just add in a new currency grind? Scrip, bullion, now seasons rewards, but at the cost of removing challenges and atoms.

Who in their right mind wants to keep playing a game where things keep being taken away in an attempt to get you to play more. It makes no sense and Ive never seen a game do this before. If you want people to play more, you do so by adding new content, new challenges, not by taking away the few fun things left and creating more monotonous grinds. /end rant.

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