Bethesda isn’t thinking about the long-term lifespan of the game.

Content of the article: "Bethesda isn’t thinking about the long-term lifespan of the game."

First off, I just want to say that I love the game. I've been a huge fan of Fallout from the start and FO76 is amazing to me. I do, however, believe that there are certain factors that limit the game from being a timeless MMO.

Take a look at OSRS, for example. The game has a super cool market/ trading community. The prices for goods, weapons, armor, etc. are tracked through multiple sites just like a stock irl. Having to watch prices and time the purchase just right in order to get the most bang for your buck (cap) is super cool, at least imo. Unfortunately, something like this isn't really possible in FO76.

The Stash storage limit that fills up ridiculously fast prevents anyone from being able to hold on to items and wait for a buff or new mob that's going to increase the value of the item. It also makes it super frustrating that you have to start dumping off legendary items just because you hit your daily Scrip cap for the day and don't have room to store the rest in your Stash for exchanging sometime later. Events like Meat Week make it super obvious that a change needs to be implemented. Its awful seeing people have to just dump off tons of legendary items that they could otherwise be selling to lower level players or collectors. (another thing super hard to do due to the limit)

Second, the daily limit to the Legendary Scrips is awful. Apart from having weapons and armor fill up your Stash (as previously mentioned), the daily limit of 150 seems to be completely arbitrary. Why not 160 so that I can trade in 4 different 3 star legendaries? Why not make armor a more rounded number so that I don't end up missing out on a handful of scrip each day just because that armor is only valued at 24?

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Finally, the daily Gold Bullion limit only kills any motivation to grind the game out. It feels like I literally only get on, finish my daily quests/ max out my Gold limit, and then get off. There's just nothing to do and no motivation to grind the piss outta random Events.

I could spend countless hours playing the game if it didn't have daily limits. After you complete the main quests, it just starts to feel like a mobile game where you have to get on, do a couple daily objectives, and then get off to play something more rewarding. It feels like you're worried about people playing your game too much or that you're worried about players getting too rich. Either way, why is that such a bad thing? It would literally allow for a super robust market, rather than everyone just having a couple legendary items, plans, and ammo in their shops. It would make the community 1000x better. The community is literally the reason that FO76 differs from previous titles- its an MMO.

Bethesda, we love your game. We only want it to be better and be as timeless as MMOs like OSRS. I would play the ever-living shit out of the game if only I was rewarded for doing so.

…rant over..

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