Bethesda Please Allow Clans or Player Factions in game

Content of the article: "Bethesda Please Allow Clans or Player Factions in game"

As someone who loves the whole roleplay aspect of the game, I’m kinda bummed that there is no in game clan/faction system. I think that this would not only help to improve player connectivity but even add unique quests or items to the game with clan banners/signs for player camps and even more items to differentiate themselves. You could even get a clan badge approved by bethesda to then have a placeholder as a patch on a backpack or on a piece of clothing, just make it a different armor slot that goes on say the right shoulder that has to be made at a clan workbench that you make in your camp. If you leave a clan, you no longer have access to that workbench until you join a different one and all your items related to that clan like patches and symbols get stored until you join a new one. DE, the creators of warframe do something very similar to this and it works very well.

A cool system would be to allow clan chiefs/faction leaders to have centralized camps where even more crafting is available to their members and more sharing can happen amongst friends/members. There is no trade tax in the faction vending machines and you can even give out quests to members in exchange for items or caps or anything. I think this would greatly improve the player base interactivity, not to mention it would help bethesda with giving players something fun to do between DLCs. Not only would people be able to run in game factions of say “responders East coalition” or something like that, but eventually you can have faction wars where players can PVP against one another of two factions agree to go to war, meaning PVP is automatically engaged.

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I believe this system would help to keep players entertained between DLCs, but to also go back to Bethesda’s original goal where they said the players will be the NPCs in a way.

I was once a shopkeep, who stayed at his camp all day and paid players to tell others to drop by for laughs, free drinks and they were welcome to purchase anything off of me. That was some of the most fun I had a year ago before vending machines were added. I truly miss that whole aspect where I saw mercenary camps, bars, stores, inns, hotels, brothels, and even outposts bear nuke hotspots to allow for players to gear up and store their junk once their were done with it. Granted I still see a few of these here and there, but not nearly as often as I used to.

Sorry for the long read, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I thank you for getting this far.

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