Bethesda – Thank you for the update. Now please reach over to that button and enable more Perk Loadout slots. This costs you nothing.

And please don’t make it a feature of Fallout 1st.

In fact, it actually might increase your revenue to not make it part of fallout 1st. A feature like Perk Loadouts makes me less inclined to start an entirely new character. This and the 1200 weight limit is making me much less interested in mules as well. Which keeps me vending to other new players and the perk load outs keep me on the server and trying different play styles which keeps me on public teams and creates a win-win for other players as I open lunchboxes,etc. You are really starting a good player feedback loop with Public Teams, Load outs, and weight increase. Don’t stop, keep adding stuff and revenue for fallout 1st will just naturally go up as you make the game better.

This is a critical juncture where the next few decisions could enhance or erode player support.

You also have a similar decision for Camps. This is tricker as technically having 3-4 camps is effectively a survival tent that I can move around and it’s easily a better survival tent since I can scrap at workbenches. Survival tents main use for me is to dump flux quickly after a queen event and dump scrap when encumbered, which the flux part is pretty valuable to me so I can still see survival tent has value.

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Full disclosure, I am a Fallout 1st member and the primary reason I subscribe is for the monthly atom and the scrap box. In anticipation of Camp slots I started buying things like the log cabin and other bundles in the months leading up to release. I dreamed of new places to put my camp and different ways to build new camps. Vault Shelters is a great place for me to do some of this, but honestly I would prefer a few more camp slots. I would not at all be surprised if this ends up as part of FO1.

However, you just heard me say I spent a lot of ATOM thinking about camps which means for those camp builders who don’t have FO1, they may buy those bundles for $ so there is little reason to limit the camp slots for non FO1 members because builders love building and you’ll get revenue from them if you continue to create great items for building. Builders gonna build. Your introduction of SCORE and removal of daily/weekly ATOM rewards also enhanced the revenue potential for builders, so please consider just adding slots for everyone.

To further the case for additional camp slots, I also have been dealing with griefers lately and so much to my dismay, my 2nd camp slot has become a way to fold up my good camp when griefers come around. I decided in my second camp to just move everything into the vault and keep minimal up on top. At least that’s how it started until I realized I had to put my vendor up top because it doesn’t show on the map for players when it’s in my vault. Now in reality they can only destroy the vendor with explosive bait or after ambush in a workshop they would fast travel to my camp and then destroy the vendor (which has happened to me). I’m just talking about this because there is easily one more reason to have a camp slot, or maybe it’s the feature of putting up your camp on the map. I would prefer a way to do this so I can keep my camp safe from Griefers and also have the opportunity to engage in PvP get wasted (as often happens). I realize this could also be used by griefers too but let’s be honest griefers don’t put up camp and vend much or broadcast their camp. Or maybe they just wait to find a server where their camp can’t be placed. I’m actually interested in learning more about PvP to deal with griefers but don’t want to experiment if my camp is left out in the open.

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This is longer than I wanted it to be but maybe the community has some thoughts too.

TLDR – thank you Bethesda for update 5 Perk loadout slots please 5 camp slots please No FO1 required Bethesda profit


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