Bloodied builds didn’t get the biggest nerf. Berserkers did.

Content of the article: "Bloodied builds didn’t get the biggest nerf. Berserkers did."

The One Wasteland enemy scaling with the damage recalculation has made my L292 Berserker commando absolutely unplayable. Daily Ops are completely out of the question. 95%+ of random encounters now end in seconds with death.

Enemy scaling now means everything hits like a Mack truck. That's okay if you can wear armor. If you're effectively naked, game over. The foundation of my build, the Born Survivor perk card, is now 100% useless as almost every enemy in the game now one-shots me so that the card never has a chance to proc. Insta-death.

With the damage recalculation, Berserker does even less damage than before (which was comparable to a Junkie build), so it's even harder to kill enemies, so they have more time to murder me, which is even easier than ever for them to do now.

Ricochet barely procs so it's basically useless. There's no Berserker equivalent to Serendipity (in fact, there are ABSOLUTELY ZERO perks that synergize with Berserker) so we're SOL there.

I tried respeccing as a Berserker heavy gunner, hoping it would be better…it's actually worse. Even with some Vampire weapons (V Limb minigun and V Limb LMG with all the HG perks), it doesn't pull enough health regen to overcome the utter destruction wreaked by high level enemies. I can survive 2 hits instead of one. Still effectively insta-death.

Basically, Bethesda took a minimally viable, but seriously fun, build and crushed it. Zero survivability. They made it literally unplayable.

I still think, overall, that this is the best patch that's come out in ages. But, even from the patch notes, it looks like Bethesda has interest in balancing a bunch of builds….except Berserker. Zero mention.

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So, TBH, I have no faith that Bethesda will ever fix this build. It makes me both sad and angry that a build with so much potential has been so unceremoniously thrown under the bus. Just a handful of tweaks (and trust me, I've already got a list) could make Berserker not only viable, but a desirable, top-tier build.

As of now, they might as well just remove it from the game. RIP, Berserker.

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