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Oh man, I'm having such a dilemma right now. I'm trying to decide which I should support/side with and it's proving very hard to choose.

I love both, for different reasons. The Minutemen are a cool militia group that has only the best interests of the people of the Commonwealth in mind, but they are just that. A militia. Not a Military force. The BOS is a military force. A strict, hardline military force. Which I like in its own way because I'm a fan of that shit, and if it wasn't for the Minutemen I would have completely been with the Brotherhood from the get-go. On their own merit, I don't mind that the BOS are kinda fascist, but with the Minutemen in the picture for contrast it causes a moral dilemma for me. They are completely for and by the people, unlike the BOS who are often assholes to the locals. I want the Commonwealth to be strong and stable. The BOS can (maybe) provide this, but at what cost to the civilians? The Minutemen by comparison are somewhat weak on the grand scale of things. Being a militia group, it's not a governing body or military outfit. It's just a group of people pledging to protect each other. No bureaucracy or laws. No real progress from what I can tell. Unless as they grow they become more NCRish? I don't know but otherwise, they seem to just be setting themselves up for eventual destruction again because they aren't really setting themselves up in a lasting manner as other successful factions do. It also seems most people in the Commonwealth don't like the BOS, which doesn't make much sense to me. If I was living in a hellish wasteland I would be pretty happy, or at least optimistic, to see a giant Blimp and 100s of Vertibirds coming to "liberate" me from the horrors of the wasteland

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It's a tough choice for me. I've been going back and forth on my thoughts. I like the idea of being part of a bigger picture with the BOS, but I also like being the General of a good ol militia group with artillery.

I would like to hear others opinions on the matter. I've been pondering this for most of my time with this game and I'm still not close to a decision.

I wish there was a way for them to work together.

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