Build cost of common base items using Intraw Reborn mod.

Content of the article: "Build cost of common base items using Intraw Reborn mod."

One of the things that have always bothered me about Fallout 76 is the hidden build system. I want to be able to plan out my bases and know exactly what points I need to build stuff.
I found a mod on Nexusmod called Intraw Reborn and it's pretty awesome.
It showed you the maximum build points your camp has, 10,000 and the cost reduction is ny points and not by percent.
I started putting together a list of the builds and some of it really doesn't make any sense.
Half floor and full floors cost the same amount of build budget.
The turrets builds are just all over the place and the generators are cost the same, no matter how much power they produce.
There a few things I haven't tried yet, like the Train Car or the Circus Car, but I think those will be next.
My Main is level 118 when I started this out. I logged into a level 5 I had and the build budget of 10000 were the same and the Foundations and the walls were costing the same.
So I don't think there is any difference on your level. I do hope they start addressing the build system soon.
Meanwhile, here is a short list of the common build items I put together.



Item Type Build Cost
Banjo Chair 20
Hunting Lodge Dining Chair Chair 20
Weapons Workbench Crafting 40
Commie Fence Defense 20
Contemp. Porch Railing Defense 20
Guard Post Defense 20
Perimeter Wall Railing Defense 20
Door Door 20
Upper Floor (Full) Floor 19
Upper Floor (Half) Floor 19
Wooden Foundation Floor 19
Meat week souvenir beer stein Floor Decor 20
Wendigo Colossus Plushie Floor decor 20
Wraith Scarecrow Floor Decor 20
Melon Food 40
Generator – Fusion Generators 40
Generator – Small Generators 40
Generator – Windmill Generators 40
Candles Light 40
Liberator Bot Lamp Light 40
Oil Lamp Post Light 40
Eagle Nest Misc Structures 99
Mr. Fuzzy Ride Misc Structures 20
Wire Power 5
Collectron Resources 140
Foundation Stairs. Stairs 18
Stairs Stairs 60
Scrape Box Storage 20
Heavy Laser Turret Turrets & Traps 260
Heavy Machine Gun Turret Turrets & Traps 219
Laser Turret Turrets & Traps 240
Machine Gun Turret 1 Turrets & Traps 199
Missile Turret Turrets & Traps 299
Shotgun Turret Turrets & Traps 240
Spotlight (1) Turrets & Traps 20
Wall Scone Wall 20
Wall Scone Wall Decor 40
Water Purifier, Small Water 40
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