C.A.M.P Idea: A system allowing players to make offers at player vendors & other crazy thoughts

Content of the article: "C.A.M.P Idea: A system allowing players to make offers at player vendors & other crazy thoughts"

In response to all the "Your vendor prices are too damn high!" posts… I feel you. Fundamentally, we players are missing core functionality to building a real economy in game, thus wildly divergent pricing. Some items are rare, others are not, but you have no idea because you're only seeing a microcosm of what's available in the marketplace, only on your server, only who's online, only your platform. Sure, there's pricing guides online, you can alt tab out and check it – but when that nuke flies or Rumble hits, you're encumbered, out of ammo, and you're trying to put an item in your store to fast travel (maybe)… well, any price may do. This is also a driver of external real money marketplaces which can be good and bad.

I've often lamented the fact there's no in-game world-wide system for commerce. Some central market where I could shop for community wide items instead of camp by camp vendors. I wouldn't do away with local vendors – you could advertise at the market, buy at a local vendor, but some common place on the map where I could post what I'm in need of and see what others need. That way we could all buy or contribute on a more global level. This would also help set market prices and enliven the overall economy in-game. New tools would be required.

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Another example, and more probable to implement – How nice would it be if a player could pick a weapon they would like to buy, but can't afford, or have decided not to afford, and made you an offer right at the vending machine? A few features for this could include a sellers min / max pricing, a nice alert in the upper left that an offer has been made, timed auctions, a buy it now option, hours available, buyer / seller friend request that times out if you wish, and the ability to either pick up the weapon or have it transferred to your stash once the offer has been accepted. Oh, and how about the ability to use the keyboard to type a price (nuke silo launch code can do it)! I'm dreaming, I know – but hey.

I price everything but rare weapons and armor pretty low, but if a player wanted to make an offer on an expensive item I'd be pleased to consider lower prices and would honestly consider lowball offers if it meant a happy player. In fact I often swap my audio to world hoping I can make someone's day – but not everyone has a mic – so it's tough to know if I'm holding someone's wish list item or not. I could (and do) price them lower, but Yeeeeeeha's got a shopping list and room in the stash box, so I can wait for the right buyer to come along, pay the asking price and help me achieve my goals as well – it's a balancing act, but some basic, more robust economic and commerce tools in-game could really help the equation. I'm sure others have thought of these ideas and even suggested them – the squeaky wheel…

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*I'd take a fast travel fix first though – priorities you know.

Throw your ideas below –

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