Came across my first TRAP CAMP today

Content of the article: "Came across my first TRAP CAMP today"

I was just mucking around with my CAMP, when I noticed a nearby CAMP with a fair bit of armour and weapons (should have been my first clue), so I thought I would go take a gander. Nice little place on the rocks just west from vault 76 where that little cave is. I check it out and find the vendors in behind a wall and ferns (2nd clue), but I know some people do that to lock them up when they hit max caps. I take a peak in one and all of a sudden I start grunting, I back out and there is a whole heap of punji boards laying around, but I'm still standing I give a little chuckle and a thumbs up. But this is my first trap camp so I went and found the stash box cleared my junk went back into the machine and low and behold I died.

Now for the fun part, I didn't have long before I had to log off, so I just stayed there and went and made lunch, I could here gunfire as they were shooting my dead body, think I even heard a flamer at some point, took my sweet time so after about ten minutes I respawned, headed back to the camp to give them all a thumbs up and heart emotes, I go back into the room and start emoting through their peeking window, the door slams shut and once again I am sealed in, so I stand in a corner closest the door as the the rain of punji boards fall (it was more like they flicked up not 100% sure). I take a little damage but healing factor was kicking in faster than they could activate the traps, so after a half dozen goes the door opens and the friend comes in, but he forgets TO CLOSE THE BLOODY DOOR, the secret fireplace one that was locked in which they had been hiding.

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Now for the really fun part, I duck through the door race up the stairs to their gang hangout, I then sit on their Grognack throne for longer than a minute, took a photo then got up and looked around the room and proceeded over to the bed where I layed down until I got my well rested bonus, when I got up there was no one around, then I fell to the ground as the camp disappeared I wave to the friends that were left standing give them a thumbs up for my first trap camp, a heart for the hospitality and lastly a gift emote for attention and logged off.

I'm an Aussie so "No worries mate" Thanks for the laughs.

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