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Mods in a Mod?

Fallout 4: The Capital Wasteland and Fallout 4 New Vegas are still a long way from being complete; yet, I’m still ecstatic about their release. I still remember rescuing the Reilly’s Rangers from Super Mutants, and Chet from the Powder Gangers.

I remember the first time I watched the Ant-agonist face against The Mechanist, saving slaves from Caesars Legion, and meeting the snotty nosed brats at Little Lamplight.

Little Lamplight… brings back memories doesn’t it? Anyone remember Andale?

I also remember trying mods for the first time too. The first video I saw, that showed me what mods were. They changed my life, and every single one of the experiences above.

What this post is really about is the hope that perhaps I can still use the mods made for Fallout 4 in the remastered worlds we all grew up to love.

I’m talking about Damage mods, mainly, bullet and damage changes and such. The difficulty I seem to have is not knowing whether mods I use for Fallout 4 to one shot raiders in the head will translate well with killing NCR Troopers the same way. The way I understand it is, those mods are going to change armour and guns specific to the original game, and not new armour that hasn’t even been seen by the modded looking to make those changes. Still with me?

I want to know whether a modder only changes assists in order to make the damage more immersive, or if it’s a change to the games files so that no matter what new assets are in the game, bullets will still penetrate the same way.

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Since I’ve discovered mods, I’m no longer a Hero. Nor an Adventurer, an Assassin, Etc. What I am is a Lone Wanderer. What I am is a Courier. If someone were to ask me to hunt down a Deathclaw because I ‘look the part’ I’m going to outright refuse, as any sane man would. Why should I attack a raider camp, all on my own, let me take my time to gather an army, and approach this problem wisely. With mods, I’m working only at my own survival. You want me to kill a sniper in an abandoned neighborhood known as ‘Minefield’? Get lost, so I can go back to my squirrel on a stick, while I listen to the town crier stand next to a giant bomb shouting about the power of atom.

It’s simply too dangerous to help you and your crazy schemes, Moira. Maybe next time.

When I was travelling the wasteland only in the hopes of finding a permanently safe place to rest, I took on job at the Abernathy Farm picking Melons and Tatos. Little did I know then, of their tragedy that had befallen them, when they’d lost their daughter to raiders only days before. I felt as if I had perhaps an obligation to them to help retrieve the locket they’d lost, but only because of all they’d done for me. For weeks I’d avoided being eaten alive by radroaches, mauled by the Yao Guai, or simply destroyed by Med – X overdose.

You know how the story goes, the hero sets out to find a lost treasure, facing loads of bad guys that only serve to stand in their way. They are determined, they are fearless, they are… a bullet sponge.

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Not for me.

And yet, I still wanted to repay them for all that hospitality. So I did. But now the wasteland is actually what all the concept art wanted it to be, an unforgiving, desolate place, in which a trader could be shot once in the back from the fog, for whatever few goods the Brahmin carries. By feeling my mortality, I felt my vulnerability, I felt fear for my characters life.

Thanks to my determination to procrastinate my newfound objective, I stumbled on a rare treasure of my own. Shifting slowly, cautiously, into the garbage dump a mile from USAF Satellite Station Olivia, I found amongst trash an long ago discarded securitron. I nearly fell back against the mud and littering shrapnel of the prewar world when I first lay my eyes on it, but soon my shock turned into a cunning plan.

Moments later I listened to the screams of raiders being ripped apart by missiles and machine gun fire. It was music to my ears, and I was able to wander in, uninterrupted (almost) to take the locket from the toolbox inside. Codsworth helped out too, I guess.

One month later, Abernathy Farm is the place that fought back against a seemingly unstoppable force. I helped build the fences soon after, and was allowed to stay to set up my Trade Company, ‘The Circus of Values’. Although the world is still a dangerous place, I feel I have the smarts to survive.

All of this was incredible, but I want to make new experiences just like this in Fallout 3 and New Vegas with the superior graphics.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I’d love to know ANY answers or links, information anyone has.

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