Can someone explain to me my why the institute is truly evil?

Content of the article: "Can someone explain to me my why the institute is truly evil?"

Edit: I am now convinced they are evil. I missed some key points lol. Thank you!

It seems that everyone just agrees that the institute is evil. I have seen so many posts about how they didn't like the factions in 4 cus it was too black and white good or evil or that the institute is just plain evil and there is no debating this. That said, i actually didnt view them as that evil and i actually chose them as the faction i sided with on my first playthrough because they seemed like the best hope for humanity. Im not saying they dont have evil elements to them, they certainly do, i just didnt think that at their core they were evil. Again though, after seeing reddit pretty much universally conclude that the institute is evil i feel like i have to be wrong and im just missing something. So, if you could please explain it to me i would be grateful. Im about to do a minute man play through and i would love to view the institute as a truly evil entity. I know there are some lore gods on here so im hoping for a nice comment that just straight up drives it home for me lol.

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Of note:

I know they kidnap/replace people, and i agree that that is a horrible evil thing to do, but as it is done in the name of advancing humanity and in a post apocalyptic world that that needs saving, i didnt view it as proof of them being evil at their core. Although maybe im wrong about their mission/goal?

Shaun didn't seem like a bad guy, if anything meeting him made me think these institute guys are much more civil and good intentioned than the commonwealth thinks

I dont view synths as human whatsoever and so i really dont care about the fate of a robot, regardless of its programmed ability to feel and have emotion. Maybe its this view that causes me to have such a disconnect from the majority?

I imagine youll read those points i just provided and attack them in order to convince me im wrong. I totally welcome that. But if you could add other points i havent considered i think that would do better in convincing me as at least on the synth part i have had the debate before and i am just not sold.

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Thank you!

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