Can you guys help me going into fallout 4 with a different mindset? I want to enjoy it.

Content of the article: "Can you guys help me going into fallout 4 with a different mindset? I want to enjoy it."


First things first. I don't wanna hate on fallout 4 and I really want people to change my mind about this game. I really don't know where to get help and tips to enjoy.

My favorite game of all time is fallout 3 (although sadly I couldn't finish it because of technical reasons). I just loved the variety, quest, characters, atmosphere and basically everything. Fallout 3 is a really unique game imo and the best I've ever played. I just loved all the little stories I've encountered and places I have visited. It really felt alive and every place told a story. (could be a bit off topic but I loved tes oblivion and morrwind which I couldn't finish either because of technical reasons)

For almost 3 years now I'm trying getting into fallout 4 (and skyrim). But I can't really tell why I can't. But I'm gonna try.

The biggest problem I think is that I will be disappointed with the things I loved about those things I've mentioned. I heard choices have no weight and it's more simplified. I heard side quests are bad and the game is basically go there, kill, loot and go to quest giver. Which sounds pretty boring (i played until the first settlement. And I really liked that you could read on the terminal in red rocket and it says there is a secret under the red rocket station). .

Another thing that I'm afraid of is settlements. I'm afraid of constant attacks and having to manage them and therefore being stressful and taking me out of exploring and other things.

Ironically over the years i became a completionist and started getting fomo on most games and i'm trying to get that habit off of me. Stuff like can't decide which build to play. Afraid of messing up and getting stuck. Afraid of missables. And constantly changing my mind on build and other stuff. I have such a problem with decisions. Depression and I general mental health issues are a big problem of mine. I probably overthink everything and get headaches all the time. Although I'm sure if I would play fallout 3 now I could enjoy it with no problem. (all the same problems with skyrim, except that I simply get bored and don't like the atmosphere somehow. But some interesting quests could change that. But before that happening i already get bored).

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I really wanna enjoy this game. I really do.

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