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DISCLAIMER YES I DID BUY CC CONTENT. No, you do not need to launch a crusade in the replies on how it is some great sin to buy anything CC. I just want to leave my opinions on the content I have so anyone looking to buy it can make an informed decision. I am going to be ranking out of 5 stars.

CR74L: ⭐⭐⭐

The CR74L adds a new automatic rifle to the game, along with an in depth quest that will have you traveling across the Commonwealth. When you first find the gun, only basic mods are available. You have to find schematics to make the others. My main problem is that getting the upgrade schematics can be time consuming and boring. I mean, the SS has made so many reflex sights and recivers already, why is this gun any different? And is it really that hard to cut 2 triangles into a stock? You do get the gun very early on, and it makes an excellent starter gun for a commando build. And if your willing to fetch the schematics, it can be good into the late game.

Manwell Rifle Set: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Easily the best of what I got, the Maxwell set is really good. The guns themselves are beautiful, with a decent number of mods available to make them fit most playstyles. Their design really feels at home in the Fallout universe. My only problem is there is a slight floating hand issue on the gunsThe quest itself is pretty fun. You follow the story of a group of hunters trying to kill the Quantum Stag, a special Nuke-Quantum style radstag. You have to track the stag using its glowing blood and quest markers. The quest is also a great place to find Nuka-Quantum bottles, as there are 4-6 at one part. When you finally find the stag, you have to decide to kill it or not. They both reap their own benefits, so choose wisely, you only have one chance… (Unless you reload a save, of course.)

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Handmade Shotgun: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The handmade shotgun is a simple, and cheap, creation. Don't get it expecting a story, as there isn't one. However, it is good for the price of 200 credits. It adds a new really good looking pipe double barrel shotgun. One will be added to the players inventory when the creation is downloaded, and others can be found on raiders and from vendors. The weapon is leveled, and at higher levels, a triple barrel version will spawn. The gun is very easy to mod, like all the other pipe guns, and has a (to my knowledge) unique sound. It is a pretty good creation to get if you have some pocket change lying around, I only wish there was a bit of a quest, like maybe you had to craft it yourself.

Hellfire Power Armor: ⭐⭐

The Hellfire Power Armor is based off of the original set. It is a really good looking, and very powerful set of armor. Other than that, there is not much to say, it is a suit of power armor. The way you aquire it though, sucks. You just roam out in the middle of nowhere and kill a random Forged named Pyro who is wearing the armor. And that's it. Not only is this really lame, it is also unbalanced. You can get it very early on, as pyro is not tough at all. And now you have pretty much the most powerful armor in the game before you even find Nick Valentine. I would up its rating by 2 if you actually had to complete the Saugus dungeon, so there is a bit of a challenge involved, and maybe add some lore on how they found it.

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Chinese Stealth Armor: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Chinese Stealth Armor is the perfect suit of armor for any stealth character. It can generate a Stealth Boy effect when crouching that persists even when moving. The armor is really gold looking, consisting of a black and grey skin tight suit with an orange full face visor. The suit is upgradeable with ballistic weave! You find the suit in a trunk in the South Boston Checkpoint. Be prepared for a scuffle with some Gunners to get it though! I do feel there is some untapped potential with how you find it though. Maybe you can fight an invisible ghoul in the glowing sea, or it is in a locker in the Chinese Sub (I can't remember it's name). It is a fun creation though, and I recommend it for a stealth build.

Pip-Boy Skins (Cruiser, Grey Tortoise): ⭐⭐⭐⭐

When I got them, they were free, so I definitely reccomend you pick them up as I'm pretty sure they still are free. However, when they do go back to 50 credits, I reccomend you spend that on one of the faction skins.


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