“Cheãter” point of view about Legendary Modules and Farming

Content of the article: "“Cheãter” point of view about Legendary Modules and Farming"

With the recent posts calculating statistics and turtle raising up, its now time to protest

Throw away account for safety reasons. I want to bring you a different point of view from what you would see on a day to day basis. I'm no mastermind hacker, just used the exploits that were public at the time. I've duped thousands of legendary modules to be able to craft a single set of SS armor. And this is beyond the point of being right or wrong.

It all happened around the display case dupe fiasco. On this dupe wave, no 3rd party software was required, just a sequence of actions that would duplicate anything on a display case. No weapons and armor tho. Legendary modules could be displayed thus could be duplicated. It would grow exponentially meaning it needed just a couple try to reach millions of anything. People massively duped Large Xmas gifts and Legendary modules, among others.

I've personally duped over 20k legendary modules to get a full set of Uny/AP/Sentinel Secret Service Armor. Yes. it took around 20k modules to get what I was looking for. If you consider the average person will get 3 modules a day based on the 150 scrip limit, those are 6666 days, considering Modules never get on sale, it would take only 18.2 years for you to get a complete set. Obviously I got some other good stuff in the meantime, but to get what I was looking for, around 20k was the amount I had to spent, plus I can't trade so they were of no good use.

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First craft was a left leg, took 2500 modules to get a perfect uny part. Then 1500 for the other leg. 5000 for the chest and at that point I was done counting already.

The amount of standard materials spent was also unreal. But the worst part of all is that at some point you would get frustrated, even when cheating, due to how bad the system is. It would take ages to craft everything, then drop all the garbage pieces I was getting.


I can only pray for the souls of those who are trying to obtaining a good set legitimately.
You don't have to agree or believe on anything here. I just know for this fact how bad the system is. That's probably what the QA should have done, tested how impossible it would be to get Chase gear and maybe tweaked a little bit.

Some stuff that may or may not prove the point: https://imgur.com/a/a8tKaDQ

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Let Bethesda know that we cannot stand this model anymore, we need something different. Create a post, tell them on twitter, raise a ticket. Just do something

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