Chems saved my life.

Was playing Fo4 in survival just now, and chems came in hella clutch. Here's some context:

  • Currently in Far Harbor doing CoA quests
  • Did "Witch Hunt" and "Ablutions" in succession
  • Made the fatal mistake of not sleeping

Ok so thankfully, I was able to finish both with no problems whatsoever. I was on my way to the nearest settlement to offload all my loot which I had to use whiskey and buffout for since I have a major hoarding problem. Additionally, I was in PA, and here's where it gets interesting (so to speak). I thought that when in PA, you could breathe underwater. Oh boy was that stupid. I decided to cut through a lake for some equally stupid reason and all of a sudden my charachter starts grunting and my screen got that blur from when you get damaged. My rads were at 80% at this point and when I looked at my HP, it was going down faster than I could say "OH FU*K!". I Instinctively bring up my pip-boy and started to asses the situation. So here's what I was working with:

  • 1/4 of my HP was rads
  • Overencumbered
  • Still inside PA -Last save point was an hour ago

I was honestly ready to give up and cry myself to sleep but then I decided to give it a shot since I was fuced anyway. I downed a nuka-quantum, ate some food, drank some water, took a stimpak and at this point I was just scrambling for a solution so I also took damage resist items (med-x and psycho). But what really saved my ass was the jet. I figured time would be slowed, so I might have enough time to get out of my PA and swim to the surface. "Ok, let's do this. Put down my pip-boy, get out of PA and swim for dear life." By some miracle, I made it. It was like a scene out of a movie and I felt like a freaking pro gamer ( not really coz it was my own stupidity that got me in this mess anyway so it sort of cancels out.) So I took a breath, got back in my PA and was able to get out of the lake. Then I said: "Fck my fusion cores, I'm sprinting home!" And finally, I got to a settlement and saved. Now I realize that the banter between raiders : "gotta cut down on the jet I guess. -Now don't start talking crazy!" is not just banter. Jet saved my Sole survivor AND my playthrough since I prolly would've dropped it if I died then and there. To end, I would like to spread awareness about drugs, and to have parents give them to their children ASAP.

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