Codsworth-related issues (PC)

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Playing FO4 for the first time, not very far into the game (haven't been to Diamond City yet, in the middle of Garvey's first Minuteman quest I think), and I'm encountering recurring issues with Codsworth. I guess I'm looking for general insight rather than any answers to a specific query, but I'd appreciate any advice.

When I first started building up Sanctuary a while back, I noticed that Codsworth didn't move towards my plants at all when I assigned him to farm them, even though another settler did so perfectly normally. It still seemed to count towards the settlement's food level, so I didn't worry about it.

A little while later after getting the Local Leader perk and finding out about how to setup supply lines, I assigned my one unassigned settler to act as a provisioner/supplier, which had the strange side effect of unassigning everyone else. I was able to reassign the others easy enough, except I couldn't find Codsworth anywhere.

I tried building the VIP tracker thing, which didn't work at all until I used the console command 'SetQuestAliases DLC06CompanionTracker', after which I could use it to activate Dogmeat's marker successfully, but Codsworth's still didn't work. Apparently this is a known bug but the post on which I read that indicated that it was fixed in the Unofficial Patch (which I'm using). I also tried console commands; 'prid 1ca7d' and then 'moveto player' works, but 'player.moveto 1ca7d' throws an 'invalid refID' error, which is a bit alarming, unless the command doesn't work the same way it does in Skyrim. After moving him to me, he wasn't moving at all, so I told him to follow me (which he did, apparently as intended), but this naturally unassigned him from his job, so after I was sure he was actually following me, I parted ways with him, then reassigned him, but again he still doesn't move towards it and has just drifted off to the back of one house where he remains motionless. I guess it doesn't matter all that much, but it's still a bit concerning.

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I do have mods installed, but only a handful (only the ones with * have a plugin):

  • F4SE
  • Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch*
  • Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project
  • Fixed Alpha Maps*
  • Achievements (the re-enabler mod)
  • Mod Configuration Menu
  • Better Console
  • HUDFramework*
  • Immersive HUD*
  • Improved Map with Visible Roads (+ Far Harbor and Nuka World addons)
  • Faster Terminal Displays*
  • Boston FPS Fix*

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